Dynamo ~ Philip Brent Harris


What questions should I ask?
Which “what if” should I imagine?
What if
I could
wave my magic wand,
change the world?
At least,
change my world.
Am I wise,
wise enough,
to remake the world?
Is this even
the question I should ask,
we should ask?

Should I state instead
what I believe?
How rapidly
our world decays
around us.
Change it, move it,
with one finger,
no need for a place
to stand.
Stand up,
stand down,
stand around,
stand in line.

Confirm, conform,
no talking
in line.
Into the chute;
don’t worry,
we’ll knock you out
First and foremost,
is it good,
for the good,
for good?
Think of others..

Really. So shut up.
What do you mean?
Just shut it.
It’s about dinner,
you know?
Know what I mean?
Eat the rich,
I hear you say.
That’s no solution.
They’re too few
and too fatty
for my diet;
never mind cannibalism.

They started it,
the greatest game.
While we hunt
for a sheltered place
to squat,
scraps to eat.
a better tomorrow.
Save us all.
There are so many,
more every day.
What will we eat?

How soon,
how long before
we reach the tipping point?
More likely,
the breaking point,
the point of the spear.
At least,
the point of this screed.
Is there one?
A need, a new creed,
away, a way,
the way.
Is there one?
There is.

How do you know?
Tao you know,
now you know.
That’s Confucius.
No, you’re confusing.
I was snoozing,
What’d I miss?
Not much.
It’s only life.
What’s the question?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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