Horse Behind the Cart

Horse Behind the Cart

                                                                     Night Mare ~ Philip Brent Harris


If we made our lives open to reading, music, art,
how would we choose, decide where we’d start?
Never liked classical, like the Saturday cartoons,
Hated rock, jazz, still, to Muzak you hum tunes?

Presentation wrong? Nothing works in every age,
not times around the sun, how each fills the page.
Materials alter  ideas; ideas alter our materials.
Inexorable as gravity, cosmic rays, time sidereal.

Projected visions, design, may suggest life divine.
What feels natural, in tune, taken as positive sign
Further we fill the world, our life, the more inside
Anger, fear, bigotry, hatred, no places left to hide.

The wider our views, the more the inside is right.
Wider we open our eyes, more we’ll see the light.
We must crawl from beneath rocks where we live.
Look to learn rich balance that the cosmos sieves.

Something created equals something else devoid.
Confused labels, good and evil, to embrace, avoid.
Opposed, conjoined and eternally sunlight bathed,
forever hidden, stygian, endless, starless swathed.

We must consciously choose a passion for peace.
We’ve been constantly at war, it’s time to cease;
a selfish motivation, it is a struggle without war.
Money wasted, battle toys; we might reach a star.

“Pie in the sky?” Please, don’t raise that question?
Priority driven research, construction, exploration.
Jobs created, roads, bridges, even new-built cities
Spaceports grown, metropolis’ saved as we please.

The weapons we have can stop any enemy, any day.
With five years watching us soar, see what they say.
Number crunchers, planners to supply facts, figures
Only my ideas; it could be something even bigger.

Preachers, pundits, politicians will say, can’t be done,
offend their god, position, interests; you pick the one.
So, read a book, listen to music, go and see some art.
Choice is yours; don’t hitch the horse behind the cart.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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