Whether Near or Far

Whether Near or Far

                                                                          Black Hole ~ Philip Brent Harris



It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth.


We all know that families can be difficult, complex,
especially those to which we’re related, share blood.
Where buttons pushed often yield answers by reflex,
usually, without thought about what might be good.

Even families of choice are not always an easy task.
Some people grow, change faster, others left behind.
Sometimes we disguise the changes; we wear a mask.
While difficult, moving on is more healthy and kind.

Climbing higher, you cannot hear the person below,
Know they yell the same question, a tedious pattern.
You would not choose anyone, a friend you’d let go,
cannot see them; in their darkness, without a lantern.

What happens when you move on, find new friends,
though maybe we‘re the friend or family left behind.
Usually, if our life does not make sense, we pretend,
Hope the saying is true, out of sight is out of mind.

Perhaps you decide to add new steps to life’s dance.
traveling to faraway places, to explore exotic lands.
Try to learn new things, no fear; you take a chance.
Till a goal thought out of reach rests in your hands.

It may seem a crisis, disaster of mythic proportion,
just the start of an untried way, though darkly seen.
Persevere, find the means and win the race you run,
Till on the side where the grass looks always green.

Still, discovery can’t be the same as accomplishment,
a crucial stepping-stone upon your unknown way.
In truth, you climb higher mountains is what is meant.
Look to see your path winding onwards, clear as day.

You may get lost in darkness believe you can’t go on,
decide the view where you stand more than sufficient.
Success of your try lets you chase prizes yet to be won.
You forge on, best any challenge, complete your ascent.

Sometimes life-mates, somehow, may end up far apart,
not always a question of love, feelings lost or replaced.
It’s often because of parallel paths that diverge, depart.
Families, all shapes, sizes, have same challenges faced.

Please, keep your heart, eyes wide open; be not afraid.
Seek love, friendship, connection everywhere you are.
What you learn changes despite what is done or said.
This is the way all our lives work, whether near or far.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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