Found or Bought

Found or Bought

                                                    Bonneville Flats ~ Philip Brent Harris



It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth.


Starting at the bottom of the mountain,
climbing up step by step, by step, repeat,
yearning for apex vista, magic fountain,
an amulet, wealth to make us complete.
Will we hear clouds whispering of wind?
Do beasts watch in awe, ignore us entire?
Uncaring, we think the world ours to bend.
Their lot might well improve, if we expire.
Did singing, deep in the world, inspired us,
even if we’re ignorant, pretend our creation.
The quickened heart of all reigns emeritus;
we but quaff the mortal cosmos as libation.

Our step grow longer with age, how we go,
move slower, life’s plea, stop, pay attention.
To catch a breath, we pause enjoy the show,
find only the battlements to our pretention.
Wasted meadows, foxhole riddled, our dead.
Streams flow with pain and blood, our harm.
I write these words, know they’ve been said,
as monoculture travesties replace small farms.
Small, not easy, integrated into nature’s best.
Should we reach the apex, will we see aught,
seas desert-dry, foul cancer covering the rest?
Our demise the only prize we found or bought.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. Thank you. Greatly appreciated.


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