Desire Driven

Desire Driven

                                                                        Doubled ~ Philip Brent Harris


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


Is the constant testimony to our inanity,
desire driven, to reject our homogeneity?
Does our need to think that we’re special
push us far beyond our living threshold?
Will a sudden need to flee make us gape,
Push us past any cosmic jibe, jest or jape?
Might it be the masks we choose to wear,
or our masquerades that’ll move us there?
Who decided we’d participate in this race,
destroy destiny, ourselves, leave no trace?
Will it be our faces plastered on the wall?
Will we see ourselves in any room at all?

I would barter more than a left brain cell,
to be allowed, speak truth none may tell.
I wonder what would you think about me
if I laid false claim to any such sagacity?
If I would tout a talent I did not possess,
to earn only daily bread, without excess,
would you consider me foolish to express,
so decide I should provide some redress?
Might I or you understand the vast plan,
see the abandoned child inside the man?
Which of these, I wonder, would we seek,
whether to boy or man should we speak?

Yet, I guess that we should listen to the boy,
though his persistent questions do annoy.
He does not merely annoy, he overwhelms,
asking us about the ocean or Viking helms.
Raising the hopes, so long ago stuck away,
our dreams; why we did not bid them stay?
Do we all pretend we do not see the flame,
burning deep within us; we’re not to blame?
Quit, know history will not know our name,
decide it’s all right, most of us just the same.
Either man or boy may talk about the future,
despite what they say, I wouldn’t be too sure.

So, come blow your horn, make some noise.
afraid you’ve lost your chops and your poise?
Each of us may only share what we have got.
Ignore any tales you have heard; that’s a lot.
Tell your own story and sing your own song.
Listen to your heart, be assured you belong.
No matter how you see eternity and change;
we go on in some form, may sound strange.
Will we be transcending as migrating souls?
Not this, still all are counted on cosmic rolls.
Even if we’re only atoms, a constituent part,
We are all recycled at our ending and start.

Earth will crack, mountains will draw nigh.
We will carry on long after we seem to die.
I will depart at my time, but render a plea;
believe what you will, but don’t attack me.
If the greatest prophets penned holy books
that caught your eye; I don’t buy their look.
If I swear enthusiastically that you are right,
but I do not follow your god, let’s not fight.
Say I am wrong, I will burn eternally in hell.
Imagine your moral glory, tales you will tell.
I do not think I will become a devil’s spawn,
since we’re all one and the cosmos goes on.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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