Intent Ion

                                                 Life Burst Forth ~ Philip Brent Harris


Minuscule beyond imagining,
cation meets anion,
sudden explosion,
screaming outward,
all directions, growing,
spinning, spiraling into
a being vast
beyond comprehension.
Thirteen point eight billion
years alive, expanding,
encompassing life,
teaching, learning,
amazing, baffling,

Examining from within,
delving diligently,
piecing together
a totality puzzle,
no sample image,
unrecognizable wreckage
ruins or futures.
Concepts, thoughts, ideas,
yet unseen, unheard,
unexpected, still
never from nothing,
not zero minus zero,
nonexistent, yet,
instantaneously present.

Gravity waves,
zygotic cells dividing,
doubling upon doubling,
grasping, questing,
perceiving a moment,
awareness sans self.
“Wait,” some cry,
“have faith,”
in conflicted deity.
Vengeful, narrow, insecure,
loving, forgiving, redeeming,
constantly confused,
Divine plan or free will?

Destined to choose,
have faith, ignore faith,
seconds, nano and pico,
weirdoes and psychos,
freedom to decide,
universal imperative,
natural not vengeful,
normal not loving.
Two chances in opposition
dance the cosmos,
which zealots
of all religions seek
to circumscribe
all choice.

Yet, all seems so clear,
so difficult to describe,
metaphor, simile, analogy,
creation as child.
Indescribable potential,
imperceptibly small
and beyond,
incomprehensively vast
and beyond,
apparent and unfathomable,
a gut feeling,
as above, so below,
as below, so above,
awaited yet unexpected.

Growing into knowledge,
gradual maturity,
unplanned outbursts,
limited control,
inherent action, reaction,
evolving toward stability,
growth impeded.

Stabilizing and
slowly failing,
until the final gasp
as animate intention
leaves its vessel
to cool, decay,
destination unknown.

of our being,
of all,
collapsing smaller,
still smaller,
vanishing from sight.
Rejecting, combining,
minuscule beyond imagining.
cation meets anion,
sudden explosion,
screaming outward,
all directions, growing,
spinning, spiraling into
a being vast.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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