Listening Out Loud

                                 Lava Lamp ~ Philip Brent Harris


What price sacrifice, what test passed, what good forgone?
Do we know what to choose, if we’ve travelled far enough?
Are we alone in deepest space or do we race the setting sun?
That cannot be, the glint of unshed tears in your eyes, a bluff,
your calculated actions, all designed to elicit tender response,
manipulate our feeling, pull on heartstrings, achieve a goal?
O, how we lap it up, like God testing Abraham, in the nonce.
Such twisted, crazy love required in future, past, a sorry role,
which gives the lie to claimed omniscience and omnipotence.
A god afraid, who must test faith, can never have real power.
Zealots left behind to lead us all, at what egregious expense,
We cannot see shifting sands, supporting our soaring tower.

What cost, lost control, feelings killed within, held captive?
Our current blocked currently, and continuously suppressed.
Building pressure ever higher, thinner walls, pinprick restive;
what disasters, foretold, unimagined might our world sweep?
Life itself on the line, this no pleasure cruise, not this voyage.
Demonstrating now, how thin a veneer our civilizations keep.
Remove it to reveal us, the snarling animals within, so savage.
Hide the knives, sharp edges; a slight scratch may cut too deep.
Balancing on a pinnacle, we are certain that we rank best of all.
Dance now, sip your drink with grace; don’t spill it as you fall.
Do you think any near the base, who have the very least to lose,
would catch you, defend you, if they had the chance to choose?

The lights go out, we stumble, no matter what we know or knew.
You won’t care much when you’re the one butchered for the stew.
When power grids and roads decay, how to safeguard knowledge,
Vanishing libraries, written words, nor have we our bets hedged.
Madness, anger bred bitterness; we may destroy who knows most?
If you’re smart, you’ll hide your light and remember not to boast.
The more intelligence we lose, kill, ignore, blacker grows our night.
We might see the stars again; would we find they were too bright?
Don’t place any faith in where we are, we have made such a mess.
We have done it so well and quickly, we probably should confess.
We think so highly of ourselves, pat backs, I am sure we never will,
and hope there’s anything at all left behind, when we at last lie still.

Can any hope help us cope, survive another decade or another year?
Must we live, constantly crazy, our shadows another cause for fear?
Must we hunt for food, take shelter to escape fear in darkness hidden,
live in bloody terror, as we sink, settle in, surviving, yet terror ridden.
As we and all life does, will do, slowly we’ll start life’s cycle once again.
In the fullness of time, we may choose to be, to plan, to act differently,
Though I mostly think not, depending who survives, let’s wait and see.
If none survive, we’ll never know, except them a who sadly linger long,
harsh death, plague, radiation, starvation, none sing a mourning song.
No dirges, no laments, no crying, none who will weave a final shroud?
I offer my sanity, my life, my all, if people would only listen out loud.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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