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How Much?

~~~~~ Part of me wonders why I feel lost, when I sit right here in the center? I wait outside and ponder the cost. Just how much must I give to enter? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what […]

Listening Out Loud

~~~~~ What price sacrifice, what test passed, what good forgone? Do we know what to choose, if we’ve travelled far enough? Are we alone in deepest space or do we race the setting sun? That cannot be, the glint of unshed tears in your eyes, a bluff, your calculated actions, all designed to elicit tender […]

What We Always Knew

~~~~~  “How can I move forward, when I don’t know which way I’m facing?” John Lennon These words, so true, set my heart racing. With all I’ve learned, know how to do, and cool and useful stuff I can make, why never have I felt comfortable with life, or even the direction I should take? […]

This, Too, Shall Pass

~~~~~ What distinguishes, creates demarcation between living and life? Can they be divided or shared, like pieces of pie cut with a knife? Or. only the viscera of being alive, breathing and eating and shit. Simply work, chores, needful daily obligations; that cannot be it. In relationships you always hear such a lot of talk […]

Beautiful Dreamers

  ~~~~~ Are you liberal, conservative, radical, stoic, centrist, anarchist, green? You can fill in the blanks I’ve missed. Maybe you want to bring back the Wobblies or worship the sun. What you label yourself is much less important than what you believe. Can you tell me why you believe, what you believe and why […]

Life Until Now

~~~~~ Life Once, I lived a life Such as he, who sat and pondered endlessly. Turned each moment upon its head, abandoned quickly when it proved dead. Convinced each battle fought end in winning, damn the cost. Ever, only to regain myself, who wondered, wandered, lost. Until Nourishing love illuminated spirit, encouraged me to grow, […]

Sense is Lost

~~~~~ Still and all, I wonder at sounds heard in the depths of night, and if they are the sorts of things that might give me a fright? Not the ghoulies, no, nor the ghousties, nor the long-leggedy beasties, but the bombs that go boom in the light, The ratta-tat-tat of rapid-fire weapons and bloviated […]