Come Away

                                   In the Distance ~ Philip Brent Harris


To the storytellers
Sky writers
Mud pie makers
Sand diggers
Castle builders
World painters
Deep sea divers
Wise women
Learned men
Lore keepers
Truth seekers
Winsome weepers
Promise breakers
Liars, libertines
Singing suns
Dancing atoms
Once and future
Past and gone

Plaintive notes
Fraught phrases
Bird song
Feet set tapping
Mind set ablaze
Crazy cat ladies
Stumbling bums
Skillful surgeons
Slumbering sturgeon
Five-point bucks
Losers, lucky ones
Imaginary kingdoms
Tree forts
Last gasps
Right time
Right place
More real
Than reality
Contained within
Connecting all

Small as a supernova
Vast as an atom’s heart
Slime trails
Billowing sails
Young love
Tried and tested
By age
Passion, loyalty
Trial, tumult
Misplaced shame
Cosmic conflict
Pyrrhic victory
Decanted knowledge
Life sieved
Prevalent platitudes
Children’s laughter
Curved avian wing
Half a heart
Hidden hope

Stories imagined
Tales told
Mother’s love
Father’s pride
Crashing waves
Mysteries, magic
Claptrap, confusion
Calumny, calamity
False history
Falling pebbles
Words, notes
Echoes, bombast
Days of future
Long past
Storytellers all
Come away
Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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