Price of Admission

                          About Face ~ Philip Brent Harris


Oh, the cell phone, ever pervasive in briefest moments,
As if, tragedy, victory occurred when we’re not looking.
So addictive and all-encompassing, revolution foments.
Rebel from what, by who; who knows, what’s cooking?

What’s cooking is really more of a rhetorical question.
Much likes Bugs Bunny’s famous, “What’s up, Doc?”
Both are meant as a distraction, require no reflection.
They’re not from the here and now, but another epoch.

What is this, that we must need to be distracted from?
Our ubiquitous cell phones’ sights and sounds galore.
As well as sites; they abound and many more to come,
While the powers-that-be hope no reason we explore.

Stop, slowly close your eyes, breathe deeply, reflect
On the life you have and the one you would choose.
Drop your phone, to decide which you should select.
You can grab it later, when you have nothing to lose.

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