Nothing Real

                    Imaginary Reality ~ Philip Brent Harris

Today is like most other days
Chores, a drive, then waiting,
Waiting for this or that among
Strangers and semi-strangers
And then you find you have
Misplaced a day, a date and
Wonder how you missed it,
Though it saw you. What if
It were the most important
Day you have ever lived or
will? Are dates meaningless,
Arbitrary markers, like lines
On a map, borders to define
Separation, when clearly what’s
Divided is not. Water, lakes,
The sea may provide natural
Divisions between land masses.
Yet, even this is an illusion.
We must work harder to reach
Across. We are still connected;
The way it seems to me. Who,
What divides us? Nothing real.
Perceptions change and
change Is shared by all of us
on our way towards home.

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