Mirror Darkly ~ Philip Brent

Mirror Darkly ~ Philip Brent

Any who think we’ve only this chance
Fear eternal damnation; you toe the line
Seeds of limitation sown you shall reap
Must you choose to drag the rest down

So do the impossible, at least once a day
This doesn’t have to be before breakfast
Laugh out loud and a joke’s power steal
Smile at everyone, see how they respond

Each choice will change what come after
Make the stars fall? I think that we could
One brief moment shine light, illuminate
Till dark screams back, it’s always faster

Did I miss a rhyme or two, so I intended
Like life, comes together no matter what
No change, no matter how we fuck it up
Free will, a way we may pick our poison

Ours may be pleasure, our pleasure pain
Complex directions lead us to simplicity
Of course, both always there, you know
Universe acts, even if we misunderstand

Cease worrying, sit back, watch the tube
Anything I should do will get in my face
If I am not listening, kick me in the nuts
Writhing on the floor I yell, fuck you all

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