Good Will to All and Sundry

The Pen's Might

The Pen’s Might

This is my 500th post on this blog. I wondered should it be something more momentous, but a plea  for peace should be enough.

Waiting my turn
In the post office
Everyone in line
Remains calm
Despite the stress
The holidays bring
We all pretend
We are civilized

Yet, I remember
A frightful phrase
Going postal
From oh so, so
Long ago
I look around
At the people
I don’t know
And I wonder

What a world
We inhabit now
Goodbye to all
Nelsons, Cleavers
Worry we
Will become
Death’s target
Chosen, random
Victim, bleeding

I will not be
The cause, even
If I become
The effect
So I wish
You all and
The proper
For whatever
You celebrate

Sense on Earth
It’s an order tall
Along with
Hope’s call
Peace on Earth
Good will to All


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