Remember Not

Dangling Conversation ~ Philip Brent

Dangling Conversation ~ Philip Brent

I remember
When young
One time
When I lived
In the moment
Though not the moment
The time itself
Nor do I recollect

The now
When I became
Imputing moments
With meaning
Without presence
Revealing that
In this world, now

Communication requires
Us to give up
Our being, connection
With our self
Too great the sacrifice
Joining the unheard herd
Conforming, confirming
Subjugating our will

Following orders
Fads, movements
Causes, lost, noble
Ranks of clone soldiers
Pretending we feel
Unique and treasured
Loved for ourselves
Alone, not only

Because we do
Because we can
No longer
Argue, rebel
Fight, except
Where sent
Sacrificing not only
Ourselves, but also

Our lives
And future
Privy to the privy
And little more
Where being
On the inside
Acquires unexpected
Meaning, connotation

Overtures, bouquets
Never found
In fine wine
Cheap rotgut
Through linguistic
Similarity, facsimile
Verisimilitude in
Metaphor, simile

Failed comparison
Wondering what
We have done
By murdering
Our sacred moment
One we all once knew
Though we
Cannot remember


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