Unable to Decide

String Theory, Too ~ Philip Brent

String Theory, Too ~ Philip Brent

Life, today, finds me unable to decide
Discovered a calling, along for the ride
Along for the ride is the answer direct
If it is tackled head on or circumspect

Mired within thoughts, feelings, words
Dreams flashing by like flocks of birds
Though sometimes I grasp one in hand
More than two destroy what I planned

Is it the lark or cuckoo I tightly clutch
Singing sweetly, or harsh, all too much
Where pain’s my fox, wolf, my demon
After finding my way late in my season

When bright sun shines without, within
Believing I’ll follow my path to its end
Meadows, flowers, birdsong my reward
Unless I die too soon, my road too hard

Is it my strength that proves not enough
Be a man, my son, be strong, grow tough
Battered my body, scattered my thought
Yeses, noes, maybes become simply nots

Knots Gordian with no sharp edge in sight
Those days my struggle not worth the fight
I cling, cavil, hide in the bottom of the well
Brightest flame will not my darkness quell

Yet, then I strive, struggle to return to day
I have no choice; I’ve found no better way
If my dreams die, end drowned in the rain
Quality of my journey balances by my pain


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