The Other Shoe

Conflict of Interest ~ BrentHarris

Conflict of Interest ~ BrentHarris

In times which try you, foil your plans
Do you hold on tightly with both hands
Sink beneath the waves in dark despair
Hope someone saves you; no one’s there

If all days, weeks, years, the world stinks
You feel so hopeless, know you’re jinxed
You don’t know how to thrive or survive
Question just why you fight to stay alive

Good times come; you’re happy as a clam
Everyone greets you, yes sir or yes ma’am
You wonder how you had ever felt so low
Something which you did or did not know

You try your best to maintain your mood
It stays awhile, all the world seems good
Yet you’re waiting the other shoe’s drop
Cause you will go to the bottom if on top

So I say don’t worry, no thought or care
Time finds us happy or life feels unfair
Roll with the blows, come back for more
Your chances will come again, as before


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