Spirit World II

Spirit World II

I stand high upon the mountaintop
My dark, uncertain path obscured
Until a sharp, chill wind rises, cuts
Shreds my fog-shrouded mind, self
Reveals bright stars, the Milky Way
Limns my way through the darkness
Familiar yet unknown, a revelation
Unsuspected peaks tower above me
The last mist vanishes, mere dreams
Solitude, silence, contained, replete

Slowly, my painstaking ascent begins
Earth clutches at my feet, betrays me
My eyes roam, stop, higher horizons
I stumble, scramble over scree, rocks
I regain my trail near the mount’s edge
A precipice entreats me to take flight
Turning, I inch across a narrow bridge
Earth, space and time blend and meld
Déjà vu; I have been here before now
Before this day, this night, this being

This self lives, seeking always seeking
Distant storm clouds return, race away
A flash of sun reflects a distant summit
Then disappears, hidden, obscured, lost
Occulted by darkness; dawn brings sight
This perpetual rise, daily transit, in faith
Light and warmth embodied, in concert
Consort, companion, friend and enemy
The very essence of life, both inchoate
And consummate, which we  worship

We are spinning, ever changing, growing
Afraid, circumspect; avoid the final denial
Embracing life, abjuring death, no escape
Clinging fallacies and fantasies cannot help
I await my sunset, praying time will cease
Anticipating each morning, as day awakens
Redraws the atlas of where I have just been
Highlights routes I will follow, scenic vistas
My past and future ceded to mists, unknown
To ascend the steepest mountain, yet unseen


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