The Giftie Gie Us


About Face

About Face

How then cannot we see our own true selves
The poet’s answer realized in our social media
Where we act half fools, do naught by halves
Constantly connected, from Twitter to Expedia

Do we ever look in this mirror that we created
Join we this grand communion, or voyeurs only
And judging others foibles and their input rated
Despite constant images, voices, are we lonely

Jump in wholeheartedly, if you would be whole
You can’t keep up, you say, you’re old in mind
Engage the best way you can, in whatever role
Not like face to face, but connection you’ll find

A small start to remind us, each and everyone
Actively participate, you are connected anyway
Space’s background radiation unto the fiery sun
See ourselves as others see us, live another way


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