A Price Too Heavy


Duo City

Duo City

I hear you say your life has been harsh, cruel and so unfair
Everybody’s got it in or out for you, can no one really care
Yet when you walk down your street, the one most familiar
All the people, everyone you pass or meet, just stop to stare

I don’t see where LOSER is stamped upon your forehead
No dunce cap is evident, no KICK ME sign you need shed
You whine and whinge it’s others’ fault, despite what’s said
So much easier to say it’s not me and point to them instead

I don’t know how this all can be true, I know life feels hard
You lived through awful things, I’ll admit, worthy of a bard
Yet the same mistakes you made more than twice, no ward
Got no help, blamed any, everyone, and expect some reward

You surround yourself with fools who feed your paranoia
Shout from your TV, spewing fear,  hate and blame media
They spew, it’s like projectile vomiting, you lap up this errata
It always easier to play the fool, don’t let the facts annoy, ja

There are no easy answers, since life is not that kind of test
It’s all we’ve got, at least for now, we’re all grown up, no jest
Stop acting the twelve-year-old, no adults will clean your mess
Claim your past, what happened, what you did, get help, the best

That is not another short-term loan which will never be repaid
You’re smart, you know you never fixed your life by getting laid
Sure, maybe you’ll pay a couple bills, another dent you’ve made
Your problems won’t be solved, it will not buy time, hope or bread

You’re stuck with someone negative whom you can stand no longer
Who sticks an oar in deep, stirs a noxious broth, serves as evil auger
Leads you down a slippery slope, pushing from behind, tied stronger
Your cellmate cannot stomach you, yet grips tighter than a conger

It is time you started seeking real help and not just another handout
We all need help sometimes, be not too proud to ask for it, stand out
Accusations you make, lies you tell, will ever haunt you, don’t pout
Your chicken-little go screams unheard, ignored, shunned, no doubt

Old dogs really can learn new tricks, don’t be too afraid or dumb to try
Pretend you always knew you could and step outside yourself, ask why
Acknowledge bad things happened, happen, you’re not alone, realize
Find help, say I’m sorry to who you slandered, don’t let more time go by

Those you should love, be closest to are those you have wounded most sore
They may now turn their backs on you forever, you’ve made yourself a bore
You slandered them, accused them of abuse, cheating, lying, stealing, more
You decided what they have earned through love, somehow should be yours

You’ve created a stygian world in your heart where everyone cheats and lies
Where others only act self-serving, so no room for tender feelings to stop by
You envy what you cannot understand, and must assume it’s a calculated ploy
Open your heart, admit you feel unloved, though you shunned love, didn’t try

It’s too hard maintaining a life which is built on such constantly shifting sand
Always shoring up your ever-crumbling edifice, why you can’t make it stand
Time you stepped down on firmer ground, others want to love you, take a hand
Despite the hate, lies, enmity you wear, an old, ill-fitting shell you can’t expand

Come out into the sunlight, blink and breathe deep, that’s more than good advice
Slough off the dark persona you have taken for yourself, it is no real sacrifice
But do it very soon, your inner prison is clamped around you like a vise, your vice
There’s so much more to life than you allow, please don’t pay this heavy price

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