String Theory ~ Philip Brent

In that place where all is intertwined to all deep within Behind a wall my brain and body built around my soul Who I am, was, have been, might be, might have been Waiting for me to build a solid path to my chosen goal Perhaps, like me, you recognize everything’s connected Yet fall short, […]

Preternatural Harbor ~ Philip Brent

With me sail away for a year and a day To find where the plastic island floats Greeted by people who’ve found a way To survive in this world of harsh notes From any finding too much not enough Whose robotic servants never talk back They’ll tie your shoes, button your cuff No human slaves, […]

Mightier Than ~ Brent Harris

Remember, we cannot make you do anything Not anything, at least, you do not want to do But we can punch you, make your ears ring So do not listen to what Pollyanna fools spew

Average Joe ~ Philip Brent

It is quite a puzzling conundrum Which came first, chickens or eggs No definitive answer, smart or dumb And one for which an answer begs Myself, I’m more confused by socks Is there an answer; I’d like to know Which is first; help me check the box A hole in the toe or the toe […]

Boneyard Brand  ~ Philip Brent

While club and maul and stick and mace May prove efficient when you smash a face They all require study, practice and intent Maim or murder is always what you meant While the spear and stone and the arblast Increased killing distance, but weren’t fast Designed to kill prey, as dangerous as you Seems to […]

Sound of My Voice Talking ~ Philip Brent

Oh to be such a clever person Who can say in but a few words Between birth to my hearse gone Something you have never heard

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

Every once upon a time always starts at the end Stars swing through their arcs, while we pretend It appears we will not get it right again this time Let’s see what will grow from the rust and slime


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