Circle of Life ~ Philip Brent

I sing the tune without notes Life, air, water, love and hate Urgent laughter, birds and boats Indrawn breath which all await Star birth and truth glowing Shadows contrast, seeds scatter Wafting aloft; a river flowing Small feet, rain go pitter-patter Glorious crescendo in minor key Within, without, all together Alone, contained, a stormy sea […]

Toxicity ~ Philip Brent

I have heard, I have the same amount of time As all of those famous folks who came before That handful celebrated in prose and rhyme Why then do I feel stressed down to my core Our world is faster paced than prior folk faced Not better, not worse, necessarily, but changed I’m sure for […]

Inclusion ~ Philip Brent

I offer this verse to laud greater Boston today. For the first time, two LGBT groups banded together with Boston’s Irish to march in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This year, Boston’s laudable gesture bolsters truth. Love Galore – Boston, 2015 Large green brewskys tipped […]

Ride the Whirlwind ~ Philip Brent

Coming to terms with the world at small. Do you think that means anything at all? Time: construct for cosmic construction. Pimple on God’s face: a pustule eruction. We say, hey Mom, hey Mom, look at this. We’re hushed, pushed away, just ignored. How can anyone simply ignore our bliss? Till time passed retorts not […]

Toe Jammin' aka Feet of Oil ~ Brent Harris

Again, I ask you to sing me my song I do not know the tune or the words Unclear where notes or rests belong Even to me this sounds quite absurd Still, I know, if I once hear this tune I will believe I have always known it A self-symphony, under sun or moon This […]

Misty Mornings ~ Brent Harris

Misty mornings where I walk Horsetails grow in profusion As to myself, out loud, I talk Seeking escape from confusion Primitive the plants which grow Primitive also this modern man With more misty dawns to know At least that is my current plan

Life on the Edge

We do what we can and we do what we must Time, like a fickle storm, blows a random gust Space beyond our ken, in our imagination sings Each morning amazes us and new glory brings While we grow ever madder, really quite insane A narrow scope over which our perceptions reign Analyze what lies […]


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