YES ~ Brent Harris

Creative venues, I’ve sometimes said, inspire Me, to there create, ignite a spark of living fire Whether this expresses me as a saint or a liar From mud pies, imaginary games, till I expire Yet, mud pies return to earth and man to dust If drawn to a monk’s meditation or carnal lust

String Theory, Too ~ Philip Brent

Life, today, finds me unable to decide Discovered a calling, along for the ride Along for the ride is the answer direct If it is tackled head on or circumspect Mired within thoughts, feelings, words Dreams flashing by like flocks of birds Though sometimes I grasp one in hand More than two destroy what I […]

Boneyard Brand  ~ Philip Brent

We need not raise our voices That would hardly be civilized I mean we’re not talking of war Not even talking rumors of war Simply calculating profit and loss Guns sales as profits, lives as loss It is only criminal if we’re caught When at war; so when are we not Yours are the lives […]

Head Trip ~ Brent Harris

Recently, I heard it said Out of body life our lot Though, you say it’s not We oft live in our head

It's Not the Same ~ Philip Brent Harris

Please, breathe deeply and let it all go Why worry about how little you know? Sit back and relax and go with the flow Like you are buried neck-deep in snow Unless you’re loaded, rolling in dough You don’t count, case you don’t know Wage-slaves, drones held down below Have a drink, toke, a nose […]

Seeking Safe Harbor ~ Philip Brent

Could it be that I have found my perfect place? You could join me; it’s not a contest or a race. Because you all are ever, always welcome there. Plenty of good food, sweet water and clean air

Toxicity ~ Philip Brent

How will I find my way back home? Lost in ruts, deep in darkness, pain How will I discover my path to you? Sunlight fails to enlighten me, illuminate my soul How long must I continue going nowhere? When I am constantly moving, striving How may I stop feeling insane? Unable to unlock my emotional […]


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