Spin Doctor ~ Philip Brent

What if the man you just saw parking a fancy car Felt perpetually exhausted and always under par Would you continue to covet his pricey, shiny ride If you always had to suffer the way he feels inside What good’s what got him the swanky car you see If every day steals his health, body […]

About Face ~ Brent Harris

So, I say I am sorry I am sincere, but It doesn’t matter It does matter, but It won’t solve anything I screw up All my fault, but I snap, sometimes When called on it Flustered, angry Not at anyone But me I stew Unhappy, unclear What to do when I calm down And say […]

Baby I'm Bored ~ Philip Brent

There is oh so much you can fit Within but a few choice words Brevity, it’s said, the soul of wit So say less, if you will be heard If your thoughts do run longer Better when carefully set down If not, they’ll likely be wronger Feet in mouth; you’re a clown Bombast bloating into […]

Gods or Monsters ~ Brent Harris

Because I’m told I have opinions, I must. Though I don’t believe they are the opinions I’m told I must have. They believe I must be interested in politics. I am, and I have preferences of who I want in power, to win in upcoming elections. Still, no matter who gets elected, to a certain […]

Himself Again ~ Philip Brent

Wonder why with all my time spent breathing Why, when I walk uphill, my chest is heaving Hope none will considers my casket wreathing Believing my heaving means I am soon leaving

Je Vous Suis ~ Philip Brent

It’s time the bleeding stops. That’s what I heard the man on the radio say. At least that’s what I think he said, what I remember, would that I did not. He wasn’t talking about Paris, 11/13/15. Such senseless carnage, he should have been. Nor was he talking about New York City 9/11/01. He was […]

Head Trip ~ Brent Harris

Hurry up and take your time Simple leisure is now a crime Work until your fingers bleed We will give you all you need Don’t get lazy, don’t get caught Do simply the things you ought And sip deeply your empty cup To take your time and hurry up


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