Mentioned rarely in polite conversation, as I follow you around You will never see or hear me, because I never make a sound Unknown the land where I will one day lead you, an adventure Sometimes I’ll snatch you unprepared, curtail your time here Still, whether slow […]


Hours, I stood waiting, hours which felt like days to my knees and ankles. I wanted to scream, but the pain in my joints had reached such a banshee wail, I wondered that others didn’t hear it as well. Despite the best-laid plans, I arrived between three and four am and nowhere near the front […]

The Pen's Might

Lately I’ve noticed that many people are smitten Over the moon, quite mad for a puppy or a kitten No slow turtle for them or a bowl full of guppies An internetful of video about kittens and puppies I’m very worried that I may have missed my mark With vivid writing and art whose message […]

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​The Extra Mile

Are we contemplating our own days of future past Do we think, hope anyone will remember us at last Study us, analyzing where, when and why we ended Discover how we died, what greatness we pretended Will they applaud us as the sun, the moon, the stars Regard us like the finest horses, the fastest […]

About Face
by Brent Harris

When I was young, in grade school, we had show and tell I imagine this is still the case, though I don’t know for sure Some students found this exciting, usually did it quite well For others just a daunting task, which felt a lot like torture Perhaps they were the ones teased and taunted, […]

Puzzle Birds

Where will I need to go If I do not find you Who will I become If you do not find me Will I be able to hear you If I never learn to listen I know you, no matter where I will still, always love you I will explore so deep within My own […]

Our Daily Bread
By Phillip Brent

Still he says and still he says He is not the one Not the one they want Not the one they need In one place He believes this Other places, he knows Knows he’s lying If only to himself When she says and when she says You cannot mean me I’m nothing special But, yes […]


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