Two Trains on a One-Track Mind ~ Philip Brent

Better get on board the train you’re taking, whether love or hate It is only a short moment till boarding is done and you’re too late On the same track, speeding away in order to escape those fools Half-way round the world you’ll meet head-on; them’s the rules If you switch the engine so you […]

Starshine ~ Philip Brent

Yes, I know I’m the one who has been away, but it feels like the opposite. You will see no major changes to more format at present, but I will be changing my blog as I go along. Serials will return next week, but exclusively on the blog. Following, I want to introduce you to […]

Counting on My Toes ~ Philip Brent

As of today, 10/3/2014, the Pen’s Might will take a two-week break to solve some logistical concerns and to rethink my approach to this blog. The Pen’s Might will return by 10/17/2014. For anyone reading either of my serials, they will continue, but will not be shared after today. If you’ve been reading them other […]

Cold Fish and Evil Clowns ~ Philip Brent

We have absolutely no idea how our world will change Despite those who have wild hairs of how to rearrange Someone may push a button, start the last of our wars Perhaps we finally see the dream of having flying cars What of the three-letter agencies hidden in plain sight Who tell us they are […]

Over Under Sideways Down ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Fourteen Toliver climbed into the low branches of the tree with the densest foliage. He planned to wait out the day, watch and learn from his hiding place. Initially, he wedged himself into position, with his feet on a branch and his back pressed into the trunk. He still feared he would be found […]

The Time Lock Twirl ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Fourteen                 Charoo proved an awful place, cool, green and brown with a pale blue sky. She missed the reds and blues, Arcadia’s lovely turquoise sky. Eni adjusted the scarf over the lower half of her face. She’d done it first to mask the odd smells that greeted her when she left the ship. […]

Global Brand Stupidi Tea ~ Philip Brent

In this instant generation is it ever just now? If each moment is an anticipated future, how? Recording all our lives for future delectation Can existence contain any new expectation? Will it ever be right now, this moment, day? Can we live now while deciding what to say? It is said, history is written by […]


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