Final Frontier ~ Philip Brent

When everything in life you daily fought Are things with which your life is fraught While you feel you’re doing all you ought All your efforts add up to less than naught Make sure you’re not in your trap caught Dream, hope and try for what you sought Recall, it is within, not things you […]

Old Wold New ~ Philip Brent

Singing softly A nonsense lullaby Sweet wordless tune Recalls us all To our earliest days Before understanding To ancient singing Before we invented Language, words See more of my creative offerings at: Philip Brent Digital Art Brent Harris Fine Art The Extra Mile Art, shirts and other gift items

Hello? Can you hear me? Can you see me? I hope you can because I fear I’ve become invisible. It’s not everywhere or all the time. It’s not at home or when I’m out in the world. In fact, it’s really only when I’m online. Strangely, I’ve been noticed more recently by strangers. I’ve been […]

About Face ~ Brent Harris

Responsible, preoccupied, needs, daily duties, urges to create Atlas beneath my half sky inventing my truth in beauty before I’m late Days fast-paced, so full of shoulds and musts to meet and answer When so few seek either truth or beauty; they don’t pay the financier Is shielding the candle flame from darkness worth the […]

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

I want to write, paint, design something profound But I’d also like recognition and even some money Although neither matters much in the cosmic view Be neither forgotten nor remembered in nova blast So how do I deal with life now, greeting mortality Eventual ending of everyone and everything I love Life sometimes feels pointless, […]

Merciless ~ Philip Brent

No matter what we do or what we think Most folk feel humanity better off today But do we move further from the brink Selecting, enhancing abilities every way Who sets which path leads to our goals Becoming the best, brightest we can be Attain physical perfection, lose our soul Be intelligent or insane to […]

Phoenix Rising ~ Philip Brent

Bartholomew Mathew Cannot decide Tangled in social metaphor Smiling snide remarks Too knowing asides Yearns for freedom From his shabby garret His plush penthouse Can he escape Fly away Will he try Ensnared in darkness His shadow’s umbra Anticipates crisis Steps and turns Life’s dance marathon His daily rumba Sudden, explosive Will he be Still […]


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