Black Pearl Descending ~ Philip Brent

They know they are outnumbered ninety-nine to one We, the larger number, say that nothing can be done Is it something in the water, or perhaps in our food Whatever it proves to be, it must be something good Good, for them, at least, but not for all the rest of us And, I will […]

Linear Light ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Twelve Stavo stood staring in the mirror and decided there was nothing he could do to pass any better than he had before. Plus, Luus had already knocked once. The knocking grew louder and more persistent, and he wondered how long he’d stood there daydreaming. He smiled. He thought it almost looked genuine. He […]

Boneyard Brand Mortality ~ Philip Brent

Another senseless killing in Arizona, though she was on vacation A nine-year-old being trained to shoot an Uzi is some indication Not where she came from, but the culture from which she haled Shooting instructor killed, an accidental bullet, and no one jailed Perhaps this is the first lesson anyone who wants a gun must […]

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

Chapter Twelve Toliver could hardly believe how much his life had changed in the last three plus weeks. He still lived in the same Domi® as before and left the hall every night after dinner. He still used these solitary nights to practice his carving. Now, he had good reason and a target for all […]

Clothes Make the Man ~ Philip Brent

Since I was just small, I have so often heard it said, Clothes make the man, that it has become clichéd Dress for success, the mantra many a parent chants Making a first impression, there’s no second chance Wise words some whiz will say, a logical conclusion Yet words with great potential to generate confusion […]

Old World New ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Eleven Stavo had moved on from Asgard. The weather there was too cold, the ground too hard. He had moved, when he knew staying in one place might be better. He’d heard talk that some of Arcadia’s dispossessed settlers had turned up on a planet called, Ne’rdowell. He’d been rewarded, but not completely. He’d […]

Foutain Rain ~ Philip Brent

At a performance I really did not want to attend Like we do with much in life, I chose to pretend I will enjoy young operatic voice in their prime Anyway, creative venues oft inspire me to rhyme Until lights dim, some scan email on their phones I read the program andfeel as old as […]


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