Old World New ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Eleven Stavo had moved on from Asgard. The weather there was too cold, the ground too hard. He had moved, when he knew staying in one place might be better. He’d heard talk that some of Arcadia’s dispossessed settlers had turned up on a planet called, Ne’rdowell. He’d been rewarded, but not completely. He’d […]

Foutain Rain ~ Philip Brent

At a performance I really did not want to attend Like we do with much in life, I chose to pretend I will enjoy young operatic voice in their prime Anyway, creative venues oft inspire me to rhyme Until lights dim, some scan email on their phones I read the program andfeel as old as […]

Cock of the Walk ~ Brent Harris

Chapter Eleven Toliver knew he must have had two-week periods that he liked less than the one he was facing, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember. He couldn’t recall anything before waking up in Mudfog. Maddening. The only saving grace in the current situation was that he had more time to practice […]

Open the Gate ~ Philip Brent

  What can you remember; are all your memories bad? You recall hurts and feelings that make you feel sad What can you remember; are your memories good? You encounter nothing that needs to be understood Is the evil recollected from a loved-one or a stranger? Though long-past, your world is fraught with danger Did […]

Nautilus ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Ten Eni shared her berth with Susan James, cook and back-up systems chief, who flame of red hair cascaded down her back. Before this, Eni had only ever seen it in the single, thick braid Susan wore when working. Eni had rich, chestnut-brown hair that suited her well and Stavo called beautiful. She smiled […]

A New Life ~ Philip Brent

Would miracles be or seem, by any other name, so grand Miraculous, magical, names for what we don’t understand Magic, for some speaks evil, dark powers we cannot define Miracles, equally mysterious, argued as proof of the divine Minds shut so tightly, some refuse to heed any dissertation Faith in their own unknown eschews any […]

Jewel Drops ~ Philip Brent

Way late on a west-coast afternoon I think it a month or two past June Could I succeed despite many tries When time crawls, when time flies No matter what we choose, decide You deal with some you can’t abide Relatives and some you call friends You decide to enjoy it, or pretend News grows […]


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