DW1 ~ Dreaming a New World ~ Philip Brent

Our world drowns In ignorance No one knows Our world smothers Under ennui, apathy No one cares We inhabit tiny cages Think we’ve got it Good, or not We run, race Within our wheels Believe we are Getting somewhere   We smoke weed, Drink, pop pills Preen and pretend We don’t see Any of this, […]

Map of Moments ~ Brent Harris

When wee small and wheeled about This was the only way I could get out Now I’m past four score years and ten And it’s the only way I can get out again

Coward's Blood ~ Philip Brent

How lovely a bouquet of yellow daffodils In a clear glass vase, their stems cut short Die the sooner, their life and beauty stills Though death comes to all life, no resort From the far field we hear a loud report Death stalks the killing fields, watches all Knowing the lives of children, he’ll abort […]

Orb of Universe ~ Philip Brent

Who named our potentates in charge to date There’ll be others, after we fill our final crate Will it ever matter who we put atop that slate Held to the grindstone their egos won’t ablate We allow them to keep us in a confused state Rush here, there, back again, as if we are late […]

Phoenix Rising ~ Philip Brent

Begin at the beginning or just before Do you have any idea where that might be? Bring light into all the dark places Will you open your heart to light the world? Moonlight and starlight are the same Will you breathe deeply, without restraint? The beginning of all, everything starts at the end Will you […]

Road to Now Here ~ Brent Harris

Sometimes, it is too late to finish It is never too late to start                    

The Road Less Travelled

I walked to a park in a neighborhood I was familiar to me, but not my own. The world had impinged upon me, darkened my mood and I had allowed it to do so. Watching a local sports team I loosely follow, I began feeling defeated. Not only were they losing, but also playing poorly. […]


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