Life, the Universe and Everything ~ Philip Brent

Please forgive the short entry, due to the author being a bit under the weather. Chapter Eight Stavo hadn’t spoken to Eni that morning. He acted kind and treated her better than he might have, but he knew his patience was stretched thin. With a stern glance he had left her to her hang hangover […]

About Face ~ Brent Harris

What is it follows? Can it be found? Follows you around Sometimes in front Sometimes behind Opens doors Slams doors In your face Sneaks in Cheek by jowl Cuts no slack A burdened back Dogs your steps Manacles Your joints Points of pain Reminders Of reminders past Needles and pins Stuck in a map Of […]

Gods or Monsters ~ Brent Harris

Chapter Eight Sunday brought a morning off, which meant either being locked in or attending a Christian service filled with brimstone and the god of Abraham. It also brought the casket maker, Wurst. “Anders Theodore Wurst, they call me the Best,” he said. “And the Wurst,” Toliver replied, picking up on the name. Wurst laughed, […]

Final Frontier ~ Philip Brent

Regardless how brilliant, how noble I believe my thought Scorning how gracious, how grand I envision my dreams Futility wraps them up, a cerement, as small minds  plot Hate, fear, want, and murder shape their selfish schemes I understand I can change the world, if just my little corner So I strive to add beauty, […]

The Quest ~ Brent Harris

Chapter Seven Most of the settlers got drunk when they returned to town. This time, Eni joined them. She had borne witness to the killings, but was forced to turn away. She had made her choice long before this day, but at that moment it had sickened her. Overwhelmed by the sight and smell of […]

MIA ~ Brent Harris

Verse II Remember the numbers are someone’s mother, son Father, daughter, aunt or uncle and it may be anyone Rich or poor, special on either end of the spectrum Smart, stupid, hawk, dove may die at the end of a gun In or from an ivory tower its fiery wrath may descend From a young […]

MIA ~ Brent Harris

What are the numbers, does anybody know? Does anybody care how many we have to go? Can anyone, anywhere believe it’d get this high? Probably so, as we continue pretending to try How many incidents are recorded each week? Not just in the world, but also of here I speak This time it’s one and […]


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