Preternatural Harbor ~ Philip Brent

All our symbols of success and failure Are much more than they might appear Though they may not be what you think Paper, bits of metal, a conspirator’s wink If you are rich, you believe I am wrong All your wants, needs met, a happy song If you are poor, you know that I am […]

Road to Now Here ~ Brent Harris

Who knows what we have lost to the cause of war Music, art, novels, plays, poems, films and more Bachs, Da Vincis, Berninis, Monets create wings The Shakespeares, Elliotts, Cassatts gone missing Would we find saviors numbered among the dead No way now to know to where they may have led Wars are equal-opportunity, high […]

Coward's Blood ~ Philip Brent

I challenge you to cherish hope for a day Reject all violence, everywhere, find a way No press, socially reported evil worldwide Here or abroad, in the city or countryside Refuse to fear bullies, choose not to fight Gruesome deeds lose power without sight I urge you to step away from politics, war All, together, […]

Deep in the Tall Grass ~ Philip Brent

What convoluted scenes we nightly do create Within our dreams our world to contemplate When we can learn how, cogitate this fluidly We should then, finally, comprehend reality Yet our mind clearly contains what we need It has done its utmost to propagate this seed We, dullards who cannot decipher this code Cannot try too […]

The Journey ~ Philip Brent

Imagine if everyone who had ever lived, lived forever Decrepit old carcasses stacked up like a cord of wood What? You thought we’d stay young, no changes ever That is crazy and totally absurd; it would do no good Consider history’s myriad heroes, sidekicks and villains Who’d battle to retain, increase, consolidate their power Plus […]

Time Clock ~ Philip Brent

I would happily spend all my days as nights If I could only live all of my nights as days What’s the problem someone random says They’re only labels; call them what you like Trees, I believe, may well be dogs or birds While dogs are railroads and birds flowers Seconds may last eternity; it […]

About Face ~ Brent Harris

What we know and what we think we know Live in constant conflict, a dubious do-si-do What we believe, will never have to grieve What we conceive denies what we perceive


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