Head Trip

We are creatures of habits and instincts. Often, despite what we think, know or believe, we respond to our body’s chemical and hormonal cues or behaviors learned in childhood. No matter what we encounter, we face reality in ways we were taught. You’re smart, but were told you are stupid and incapable of doing anything […]

Long Dive ~ Philip Brent

Sad to say, you’ll wonder, the prince of darkness has lost his place The world outside informs me the king of darkness wears that face Or is only me who is lost, despite the daily horrors we are shown Only me and only I who believes that humanity’s sanity has flown Choices and choices upon […]

Misty Mornings ~ Brent Harris

I often wonder, how did we get into this mess I mean, we did not choose to grow our brain Who decides to confront predators, such stress Sharp fang and claw, able to cause acute pain Where else in the universe, would you suppose Evolution played this little joke, what survived Not really a joke […]

Bright Days on a Another Ocean ~ Philip Brent

What do I see around me? Some scientists would say nothing. It is all electromagnetic light waves entering my eye, transmitted by electrical impulses into my brain, which translates it into what I perceive. From the time light waves strike my eye until I “see” an image takes about a tenth of a second, 0.1. […]

Boots ~ Brent Harris

Could it be that I have found and lost my way Will it all change tomorrow, or stay like today Mostly I have questions, while answers I offer None will make you powerful nor fill a coffer Does anyone know right questions or answers The sinking Titanic; don’t disturb the dancers Take me to your […]

String Theory, Too ~ Philip Brent

We find, sometimes, it is only win or lose This lesson often learned more than once Either we stick a needle where we choose Or that needle will stick us where it wants

M.A.D ~ Philip Brent

A verse for this or any holiday/family gathering. The tension was so thick we sliced it and served it for dinner. He didn’t notice. The hostility so sharp we had marinated that tension in it. He didn’t know it. The rancor so pervasive it filled the room and suffocated us. He didn’t feel it. The […]


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