A Tribute the Victors and the Fallen A Wish Granted, A Dream Denied Bright displays fill the air, as fireworks boom Young baseball fan’s world filled with gloom One team must win, one lose, no other way At seven, eight or nine, you dream only today Celebrating raucously, the fans’ hearts flying Remember little […]

Merciless ~ Philip Brent

Outside the weather today was hot, hot, hot That made my desire for action not, not, not Our drought has most prayin’, prayin’, prayin That tomorrow might bring us rain, rain, rain

Ennui and Entropy ~ Philip Brent from paintings by Brent Harris

Those who send our youth to war, should fight instead Clearly they have no wisdom within their hollow heads Our children, future forfeit, salted battlefields lie fallow Our wasted youth lying in graves both deep and shallow

Dark Walker ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Fifteen             “You were wise to avoid the fountain.” Toliver stumbled back from the door and turned toward the voice. The man from across the plaza stood a couple of feet away, casually tossing and catching Toliver’s barely-eaten fapple. Toliver didn’t understand why he hadn’t heard him approach, felt him stealing the fapple or […]

A dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though uA dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though ultimately they are all the same.

The time is now; it’s what  they say It is our time now to seize the day As carpe diem is urged on humans The outcome ended less than nice When others took the same advice And that’s what ruined the Romans

Once a lonely child dreamed the universe While it could be better, it could be worse Now it’s your turn, so, what might you do If creating the cosmos were up to only you

Bad Hair Day ~ Philip Brent

If you invented yesterday How would today turn out? Must I wait until tomorrow Before I can find out?


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