Bright Death ~ Brent Harris

Chapter Thirteen Toliver awoke suddenly to the sound of the lock disengaging. He’d been sleeping lightly, his hat over his face, and realized immediately what he’d heard. He got up and approached the door hesitantly. He knew he hadn’t been lying there long. When nothing else happened, he grabbed the door handle. From the first […]

Spin Doctor ~ Philip Brent

An improvised word riff inspired by and upon a Dr. Cornel West talk 9/11/2014 Beneath the surface of the shadow Live the voices Who listen to the voices Ordinary people Acting in extraordinary ways An unexamined life, ancient wisdom cautions Is not worth living Or is it An uncommitted life denies scrutiny To fully live […]

Awakenings ~ Kristin Lindseth Rivera

Boots on the ground come marching, marching Boots on the ground come marching one by one Boots on the ground have not one specified role At least that is the bill of goods we’ve been sold Boots on the ground come marching, marching Boots on the ground come marching two by two Since the boots […]

Neonatal ~ Philip Brent

Chapter Thirteen The night screamed outside, raw and ugly, and they were quickly soaked to the skin and cold. Stavo knew he should turn back, gather their harps and wait out the storm, but his anger prevented him. He turned his shoulder into the wind and shielded Luus as best he could. Carrying his injured […]

Always Remember ~ Image from ~ Modified by Philip Brent

On this day thirteen years ago, innocent people died Perished in terror as their loved-ones hoped or cried Just their daily routines, in moments all burned away Some of our reason, our innocence also died that day Truly, that hateful day, all gave some and some gave all Be ever thankful to those who chose […]

To the Lighthouse ~ Brent Harris

Would that it be so, that we could redream our world in sleep Though, I suppose we must decide are we a butterfly or a man Dreams are the seeds of change and hope; is it too great a leap I will wonder, write, share this vision, at least that is my plan I will […]

Relic ~ Philip Brent

(Chapter 12 cont.) After that, everything seemed to flow more easily. True, Toliver thought, sometimes they would find the equipment room locked. Then he would have to complain loudly and threaten to go find Sawyer before the key mysteriously appeared. They were provided extension ladders when they needed stepladders, but he could work around that. […]


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