Toe Jammin'
aka Feet of Oil ~ Brent Harris

How will we ever know what is right Despite what all hierophants preach How do we keep our fiery hope alight Our answer’s unknown, but we reach If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, never I cannot imagine the need to coin one I been proven wrong, still, I am clever At night there’s moon, […]

A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

What is the apposite of opposite? Which can sit beside it, apropos? Commends it, no other need stay Like near and far seem a near fit Their distance means it’s a no go Apposite opposites, as night to day

Dimension 3 ~ Brent Harris

Land’s end Is it real Or only metaphor Will it bend As need will reveal What we’ll use it for The coastal horizon Undiscovered place Where we walk Will we put a guise on To hide our face, or So we don’t balk The known world They tell me is set I cannot believe it […]

Secret Heart ~ Philip Brent

Where do you think you’ll find your own secret heart The heart which speak to the secret heart of the world What pushes us away from the center, keeps us apart Which fear, hatred bigots us, around our heart curled Are we somehow kept too busy to even take one look To find that secret […]

Je Vous Suis ~ Philip Brent

Radio crooned, what if god were one of us? A question an almost recent pop song asked It makes me wonder, what if god is all of us? And we fail to notice, since we all go masked Still, we tell ourselves that we know the truth Everybody else is only playing make-believe But don’t […]

String Theory ~ Philip Brent

Who will fill the holes, when all our youth is gone Who will inhabit our houses, when we’re all alone Who will feed the soil, when flesh is rent from bone Who will seek forgiveness, when no one can atone

Fire Geysers ~ Philip Brent

I am the taper, my gifts are my flame To light my way through utter darkness My reason to be, no thanks nor blame My light shines more, as I become less


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