After the Storms ~ Brent Harris

Who chose which blues to paint the ocean? Are there so many because it’s always in motion?

Je Vous Suis ~ Philip Brent

The subjugation of women drives me nuts Just because men fear empowered women Keep women down, no ifs or ands or buts Threatened, if women don’t bow to them I mean, men haven’t done a great job so far Trashed the planet like at a crazy frat party Play with guns, rape, murder, start new […]

Boneyard Brand Mortality ~ Philip Brent

We brand ourselves, the land of the brave and home of the free So proud, as we ignore our own ignorance, hatred and, bigotry Decrying machine-gun maniacs, who murder on bloody sprees While we’re Earth’s premiere purveyor of advanced weaponry So righteous, the people who slander one who’d help by decree Nor would it matter […]

Stranger in a Strange Land ~ Philip Brent

When I leave on time, I often arrive late When, I linger too long, I also arrive late I write one more email, like it can’t wait Hear one more song and ponder my fate I’m like many, my life not what I thought What I had wanted is not what I have got Not […]

String Theory ~ Philip Brent

Rich harmonies spring forth, combine Close your eyes in wonder, so sublime Storyteller’s voice weaves magic above Within and without, a tale about love Chiaroscuro words shift, hide, reveal Bits of forever, our imagination steals Dreams, smoke, dim, bright, the same Win and lose, while playing life’s game Yet losers are winners, never doubt it […]

So Little Time ~ Brent Harris

What is the frown I see upon your mug? It looks like someone really needs a hug That someone you refer to has a name Please use it; I’ll take that hug just the same

Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

Will we Grow, Grow up Grow old, Grow old Together In all weather Woven, weaving A tapestry Joined, cleaving Or a shroud Grieving, giving, Dying, living Out loud Friend, lover Mover, cover Shielding all, Memories Times, signs Lightening, thunder Torn asunder Torn apart Hearts shred Mere threads Tatters, blood Splatters, Should we Clutch tight, fight […]


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