Stuck in the Middle, Too ~ Philip Brent

Are terrorists parents, do they have children I imagine they are, were, I think they must Still they blithely others’ children condemn Who will remember, care, when we’re dust What if people took their daughter or son Suddenly away from them, then were gone Raped, beat them, until broken to their will As they continued […]

For Closure

When children regard war and terror as normal Films, television, video games just the siren’s call Can we wonder how fucked-up our life’s become Reality a child dismembered by a roadside bomb So grab your toys, run away, find a place to hide No help, as down the razor-blade of life we slide Our mad […]

This was originally published on February 9, 2013, written in response to a need to speak in some way to the insanity that took place all around me and specifically to the Newtown school shootings.  I have chosen to repost it every year on the anniversary of this tragedy that left 27 dead, 20 of […]

Somebody's Mother, Somebody's Child ~ Philip Brent

#ASCOW people, Any Solid Color Other than White Face violence and degradation all day and all night Each day fear, as the police state grows, gets worse Our legacy of subjugation, prejudice our daily curse Never will we change until we choose, join together Discard our past, or we perish, perhaps we’d rather The choice […]

Rainbow Dove Flies Into the Night ~ Philip Brent

For those in need at home and abroad How can you believe that any of that’s healthy Because it was given me by someone wealthy Even so, you have no idea where it has been Besides, it’s not like you were given it by kin Why must you always be so nasty, so negative It’s […]

From the Heart ~ Philip Brent

Part of me wonders why I feel lost When I sit right here in the center As I wait outside, to ponder the cost Just how much must I give to enter

Embryonic Construct ~ Philip Brent

How many times have I auditioned for this play For numberless roles I have landed or have lost I may be tasked to exit my last stage on this day With my life and my hair both the color of frost Focus; my character must never slip from my face As the lead or as […]


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