A Map of Moments  Brent Harris

Life has been challenging of late and I haven’t been posting as often as would like. First, an elderly relative with a cracked femur, which is still sorting itself out. Next, a ten-acre fire that started almost directly behind our house. Then another medical emergency, this one involving me. That one will become evident when […]

Secret Garden ~ Brent Harris

I. The Most Addictive Drug What is, do you think, the most addictive drug If I suggest possibilities, you may nod or shrug It is neither heroine nor is it prevalent nicotine It’s something that makes us act more obscene What, you say? You believe it is crack cocaine By comparison to this, we would […]

Catensity ~ Philip Brent

Some have called me crazy, so many things worse Some have called me lazy; work smarter no curse Some have called me hazy; as I accept all, diverse Some have called me mazy, as rarely am so I terse Some have called me liberal; won’t be held captive Some have called me gullible; it is […]

Unknown Ecology II ~ Philip Brent

I approach the sentient sentence trees at a dignified pace. I am nervous, but reverent, unarmed as seems appropriate. Under these sentence trees, I am in the moment, every sense heightened. People, places, things stack together, combining to become new shoots or already massive boles, the tops lost from sight. Like birds, tastes, sharp, illusive; […]

Gods or Monsters ~ Brent Harris

Majestic and soaring the green willow grows So tenderly and sweetly its branches drape All cut down in life’s prime, no river flows Birds, all life large or small, cannot escape

Toe Jammin'
aka Feet of Oil ~ Brent Harris

How will we ever know what is right Despite what all hierophants preach How do we keep our fiery hope alight Our answer’s unknown, but we reach If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, never I cannot imagine the need to coin one I been proven wrong, still, I am clever At night there’s moon, […]

A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

What is the apposite of opposite? Which can sit beside it, apropos? Commends it, no other need stay Like near and far seem a near fit Their distance means it’s a no go Apposite opposites, as night to day


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