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Out of Our Depth

~~~~~ What we know and what we think we know are often diametrically opposed, poles apart. Doesn’t matter if we are moving fast or slow. Whether near our journey’s end, at the start. Life now flashes by us in fifteen second clips, or flickering interludes fraught with emotion. As true connection through our fingers slips; […]

Another’s Dream

~~~~~ Themes of water and waiting Speak to me, beg to come out and play across every page. I must carefully protect them. Stains, tears, random sweat. What grace flows through me? Labors of love spiced by tears When I, another captures ink, flowing into Rorschach blots. They become different words than those I scribble […]

Thundering Falls

~~~~~ Water flows gently past you. The current is strong. Boaters glide by and leaves dot the surface, caught on tree roots, bushes, like swimmers stopping to rest. Then swimming on. Ripped away, flailing, spinning. Whirlpools briefly save them from thundering falls. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, […]

They Want Us to Believe

~~~~~ Step into your sacred sanctuary. Do you wonder where that lies? Our flickering blue god freed. Worshiped at home, not solely. Crouched in our living room to swear at us, show our children dirty pictures, to demand faith. Now, it is glued to our hand, a missel where we seek wisdom. A simple prayer […]

Anticipation in Silence

~~~~~ Deep into the night, rain, drums down on the roof, cascades from the eves. The water the only music in this dark, empty city. A lone woman, turns her collar up against the mist. Heels click streetlamp to streetlamp in vacant lanes, anticipating the city alive. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace […]

Everything You Are

~~~~~ Everything you see comes from an exploding star. Your laughter, your smile. Your anger, your eyes. Everything you hear comes from an exploding star. Your hopes, your dreams Your pains, your sorrows. Everything you recall comes from an exploding star. Your unborn children, your future. Your songs unsung, your wit Everything you touch comes […]

The Biggest House

~~~~~ I stroll along beside a languid stream as it moves gently along. I see rapids ahead. It grows in power and volume, carries me along as each rill, tributary feeds and speeds the growing river. Bringing the animals who thrive there, despite or because of it, together. No matter our view, both predator and […]

What We Lack

~~~~~ Rain patters, drops on the roof, tickles the windows, plops in puddles. Laughs, cries, reminds us of sunlight, which is always there, though unseen. We no longer believe the sun rests when we can see it no longer, Whether night or clouds, our own cave, where we crawl to disappear. The only one who […]

The Score

~~~~~ Target Practice ~ Philip Brent Harris Does your life sound off to you; dissonant and assonant? Is it flat or sharp, despite the score on which you must perform it? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See […]

The Only Sound You Hear

~~~~~ Magnificent, when you’re sure you hear the stars singing, the earth laughing in tune with you. Because you’re in love. for the first time, though each time is first. That’s simply the way love works, whether you remember or not a time where the only sound you hear is each other. Moments, minutes, days, […]