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Olduvai Gorge and the Origin of Human Ecological Dominance

Earth Day – 2015: Took a while to post, but here it is Tired, cranky, cold and standing much too long Other people, let in early, will sit in front of me At a talk about the rise of human eco-dominance Eco equals ecological, also equals now economy Those that’s got gets, learned at my […]

How Will the Rest Survive?

A verse for this or any holiday/family gathering. The tension was so thick we sliced it and served it for dinner. He didn’t notice. The hostility so sharp we had marinated that tension in it. He didn’t know it. The rancor so pervasive it filled the room and suffocated us. He didn’t feel it. The […]

When Fear Fades

When fear fades, what will I discover Maybe another person the same as me One who struggles to meet like needs Who seeks the same answers that I do When anger fades, who will I become Will I learn to be patient, quiet, to wait Never to merely speak, but to converse To think, feel […]

Until Life Runs Out

Our world drowns In ignorance No one knows Our world smothers Under ennui, apathy No one cares We inhabit tiny cages Think we’ve got it Good, or not We run, race Within our wheels Believe we are Getting somewhere   We smoke weed, Drink, pop pills Preen and pretend We don’t see Any of this, […]

Children’s Duty

How lovely a bouquet of yellow daffodils In a clear glass vase, their stems cut short Die the sooner, their life and beauty stills Though death comes to all life, no resort From the far field we hear a loud report Death stalks the killing fields, watches all Knowing the lives of children, he’ll abort […]


My heart seeks answers To questions I do not know Know to ask or answer No, musings I do not Understand understanding I cannot ponder Wonder which I cannot conceive Tenants of faith I do not believe Existence, nonexistence Always, ever Always never Everywhere, nowhere Yet always, always In the center A pawn of fate […]

More Than

How will we ever know what is right Despite what all hierophants preach How do we keep our fiery hope alight Our answer’s unknown, but we reach If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, never I cannot imagine the need to coin one I been proven wrong, still, I am clever At night there’s moon, […]