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Until Life Runs Out

Our world drowns In ignorance No one knows Our world smothers Under ennui, apathy No one cares We inhabit tiny cages Think we’ve got it Good, or not We run, race Within our wheels Believe we are Getting somewhere   We smoke weed, Drink, pop pills Preen and pretend We don’t see Any of this, […]

Children’s Duty

How lovely a bouquet of yellow daffodils In a clear glass vase, their stems cut short Die the sooner, their life and beauty stills Though death comes to all life, no resort From the far field we hear a loud report Death stalks the killing fields, watches all Knowing the lives of children, he’ll abort […]


My heart seeks answers To questions I do not know Know to ask or answer No, musings I do not Understand understanding I cannot ponder Wonder which I cannot conceive Tenants of faith I do not believe Existence, nonexistence Always, ever Always never Everywhere, nowhere Yet always, always In the center A pawn of fate […]

More Than

How will we ever know what is right Despite what all hierophants preach How do we keep our fiery hope alight Our answer’s unknown, but we reach If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, never I cannot imagine the need to coin one I been proven wrong, still, I am clever At night there’s moon, […]

Simple Man

YES ~ Brent Harris Today being election day, I thought this somehow quite appropriate. I am a simple man Because I believe the human race can change I am a dreamer Because I believe everyone should understand I am naïve Because I believe if enough people say no, it will matter I am a fool […]

So Below

Oh what a trial computers are, yet we cannot live without them Their bits, bytes, drivers, apps, to most, as magical as a unicorn Like people, get filled with junk, catch viruses like an alien BEM We try to tend them carefully, but in time they grow old, forlorn Like pets, love them, invest in […]

The Voice on the Phone

The voice on the phone said tell me your name The voice on the phone confirmed my number The voice on the phone asked me my problem The voice on the phone could not understand I wanted to speak to a real, live, actual person I did not want to be speaking with a recording […]

Ours to Choose

What is it follows? Can it be found? Follows you around Sometimes in front Sometimes behind Opens doors Slams doors In your face Sneaks in Cheek by jowl Cuts no slack A burdened back Dogs your steps Manacles Your joints Points of pain Reminders Of reminders past Needles and pins Stuck in a map Of […]

Taking Your Chance

What do you do if you discover you don’t like your life? When the wonderful choices you’ve made lead to strife Not all of them, certainly, but you feel stifled, unfulfilled One more day you’ll spend praying your world is stilled What you dreamed, do you remember, or who you’d be Memories lost in the […]


Is that the best you can do, one of them asked I think I’d do much better if you just relaxed I think you’d do better if you ever learned how A fine time you’ve picked to think of that now You’ve hinted you want it done but never asked Always be polite, we’re told; […]