Put Your Brains Where We Can See Them

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth!


Conflict of Interest ~ Philip Brent Harris

I just watched a man say
That his rabid followers
Should shoot you, choke
You at the very least, before
You may have any chance|
To speak and to show them
A mirror reflecting their fear.

But this was not the man
Who told them stand back
And stand by in his answer
To a heinous, racist group
That he would not condemn.
No, this was the man who
Founded the heinous group.

He said that we are at war.
Whether we get in the way
Or not, we’re but collateral
Damage, if we don’t conform,
Confirm their narrow vision
Our country and the world.
No matter how mad it may be.

We are the enemy, because
We believe in love and hope.
We believe enough people
Have suffered at our hands.
Perpetuating every evil that our
Forebears used to take, build
This land into what it’s become.

We think we are free and proud
Because that’s what we’re told.
We casually site native people,
Who we decided to exterminate.
Fail to acknowledge the people
Kidnapped and brutally enslaved.
It brings me to the man cited first.

He won’t care; they’re not white.
White, a later phase of  humanity.
Skin lighter, with narrow nostrils,
Since they went to colder climes
From Africa, before we named it.,
From dark-skinned people and the
First evidence of people anywhere.

Even if he says Adam and Eve true,
He’s the child of incest, inbreeding.
Did Adam ignore his sons and Eve?
Did Cain slay Abel due to jealousy
When Abel brought their mom treats,
Certain sure mom like Able the best?
So how can anyone be above another.

Put your brains where we can see them
Before our discussion can finally begin.
Which bill of goods were some sold,
Where the con men planted that seed?
A new version of the tribal alpha male
Who we should have dumped long ago.
They sold us lawyers guns and money.

All for the benefit of the folks on top
Rest fed on violence, hatred and fear.
They win nothing but lies from leaders,
Never  able to ravish their alpha’s mate.
They can kill and die in an alpha’s stead,
Gaining a brief surge of power that fades.
If it does not, it compounds our insanity.


VOTE, November 3, 2020!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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