Take Your Chances

Paraducks ~ Philip Brent Harris


So you pay your money and you take your chance.
It’s something I have been told, maybe have said.
Going along, we may learn the steps to the dance.
Hope we can master them before we end up dead.

Many odd descriptions used to describe our lives:
A dance, a ride, a steady slog, part briefly played.
Whether you stay safe at home, you juggle knives,
Each sunrise brings a new, entirely unknown day.

No matter how many times I write, what words,
I and all the rest are buffeted, shuffle to and fro
Pasture barren, over-grazed our unmoved herd
Predators who eat us, leave nowhere else to go

I baa and bleat of a new path; it’s an untried way.
Escape alone not my dream, thus, my hesitation;
Please follow, small groups or one by one all day,
Till the killers remain, sans hope, prey, vegetation.

The killers, the haters, the bigots, how they rend.
Think their gender, their money or color of skin,
Lets them act as they will and no need to defend.
Subjugated alphas, battle lost before they begin.

Whether or not you believe in a god, please pray.
Expose wolves who wear our guise as their own;
To destroy, not protect us, to keep peace at bay.
They will more than miss us when we have flown.

Let them murder and butcher themselves alone.
To fight with guns, bombs, unimaginable horror,
With club, tooth and claw, until none can atone.
Just one left, none, nothing, to fight, with or for.

Bravery finds lush meadows, fresh and fecund.
Still, anger, pain, sorrow will remain in our lives.
Not simply peace, plenty, don’t expect a refund.
All are equal, no extremes, when maturity arrives.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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