If We Thought?

Nothing But the Whistle and the Steam ~ Philip Brent Harris


How would we live our lives
If we thought we could change them?
How would we manage, if we could go back
In time and change only one thing, just one?
How far back would we go? Are we sure?
Perhaps, it’s something simple, a turn in the road.
What might happen, turning left, not right?
Would that be right, do we suppose?
How would we know, walking the road less traveled,
That it wouldn’t prevent us from meeting ourselves?
Truly, I think the most important person to meet.
How would that single change, change the world?
Or haven’t we thought about that, at all?
Every single thing we say, or do, or think,
Has permutations and ramifications, weight.
Gravity, pulling something or someone
Into a new road, relationship, orbit, collision.
And all of these changes spread out.
All the myriad universes caused by a look,
A word, a step, a turn, anything that is other.
It staggers the imagination beyond belief
That every water drop, pebble, atom, electron
Can change the lives of people unmet,
Of civilizations gone and yet to come
Across our vast cosmos, through time.
How would we live our lives, if we thought?
Knowing each change changes all our stories,
And knowing that, why don’t we change for the better?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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