Light Hidden Within — Part Two

Light Hidden Within

                                                                        World Famous Floating Head Illusion ~ Philip Brent Harris


Part Two

I plead with you, us and everyone.
We spurn strangers, each we hate.
Those we fear, as we were taught.
Learn now, all humankind worthy,
Our value is innate, not only profit
For those who have no compassion,
Dictating to us because we let them.

We must not allow them to lead us.
I urge us, people across our planet;
Back away from corporate leeches
Who suck life blood from everyone,
They distract us with want and war.
They sacrifice our best and brightest
Remit the dead, damaged past hope.

I offer my smile, whatever its power,
Believing your smile lets you see me.
We can know we share this one thing
In common, and we can stop to think;
If there’s one thing we share, perhaps
We can find other similarities, until,
We laugh, embrace, know each other.

Rather than the myth we’re powerless
Taught by a brutal few we are, will be.
Powerful, if only we all stand together.
Divide and conquer, is the expression
Anyone, even fools, are used as a razor
To slice us all apart, one from another
To slice away all equity and equality.

Listen, please, we need only to stand
Together, no matter how difficult or
Impossible it sounds at this moment.
Realize we’ve been given this chance,
To change, to grow, to not return, ever
To business as usual, to stress,  strain
Which leaves us too tired to even try.

Reject greed and the hubris of wealth,
Willing to sacrifice anyone, anything
To pretend everything’s under control.
Though very few of us will ever know
What it’s like at the top, we imagine it.
Taught by the most minuscule few that
Their dream will become our success.

Yet, more and more, the balance shifts.
We can no longer believe in the illusion;
Their story that controls us, exploits us.
Has this pandemic shown us how futile
Listening to them exhort us, to blame
Others, be it race, religion, orientation.
We must open our heart to be our best.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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