Light Hidden Within

Light Hidden Within

                                                                             Night Garden With Fireflies ~ Philip Brent Harris


Part One

Looking for words that will tell
A story: who we were and who
We became, after long illness.
The first part I know, as do you,
At least this moment, as I write
These words, chasing meaning,
So we all choose cogent change.

I hope we hear the sane voices,
The voices that urge us to find
Our better selves, learn lessons,
Pains repeated to our detriment
I hope we hear all of the voices
Explaining the old normal was
Insane, living worn and broken.

Can we find the light hidden in
Our gloom; many alone, lonely?
Can we. our sequester, solitude,
Find solidarity to face our fears?
Can we choose smiles and hope,
Even while masks hide us away?
Can we radiate joy in just being?

May we know, when armed men,
Armed response, lead us to death,
Pain, a nail in our coffin of quit?
Our similarity tops our difference.
Dawning, mostly, in East Africa,
Doubtless looking like too many
Chosen to hate, as they themself.

Can you tell me you believe they
Don’t hate themselves, behind the
Bluff and bluster life will call due?
Pining for return to a time, a life of
Hard work and repetition. Struggle
Yielding little but lack of hope and
Joy, with a rich heel on their necks.

I did not, just luck, know wartime
Myself, still saw the damage done
To conscripted warriors, returned
Home after risking death, killing
Men, woman, children called evil,
Worthy of only epithets and death.
What of epitaphs for all we slew?

Many such warriors from my time
Returned to scorn; those from our
Recent, endless war, are forgotten.
Some survived, rejoined our civil
Society, so-called, while damaged.
Without a single scar, a battle, kill
Or a near miss are never the same.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. savagesavante · · Reply

    “what of epitaphs for all we slew?”
    This line pulls me out of this narrow nationalistic bubble we have when we assess our war heroes and makes me question the other side. amazing.
    you have beautifully shown so many sides to this story. from wondering what if these soldiers had normal life to the thoughtful ending. I love how it says so much.


  2. Thank you. I felt Part One of this poem was a little scattered, but hope I’ll close the narrative in Part Two. Still, I’m glad this reached you. On this same theme, you might Read Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger.”


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