The Rotting Detritus of Our Daily Lives

The Rotting Detritus of Our Daily Lives

                                                                                       Before Sunset ~ Philip Brent Harris


Everything exists
And is available,
But we are taught
Blindness and negation.
Children know wonder,
The mad may see it,
But we will never know.
We silence them, treat them
As annoyance, a disease,
A condition, forced to learn
To act our definition of normal.
We regiment them or
we toss them away. into the street,
Like litter, the rotting detritus
Of our daily lives.

In our world of wanting,
Where I’m from,
It’s mostly wanting more.
Here, we can see want.
But are incorrect
About the need for
Any final solution.
When fools talk nonsense
About invading our city
To fix our crisis of want,
I imagine military
Bulldozer tanks
With blades, pushing
Thousands of people
Into the Pacific, in a fit
Of pique, a childish tantrum.

When we listen
To our tin-plated despot
Claim there’s no threat
From a potential pandemic,
Do we miss the point?
The damage he’s doing
And has done to our dream
Of, as yet unrealized
Equality, our survival
Places each of us in harms-way.
Yet, all of this, too, may be
Part of a natural cycle
To regulate our world.
His behavior, our response may
Be beyond our control, no matter
How rapidly we respond.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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