Step Lively ~ Philip Brent Harris


Strolling through a meadow,
Watching clouds glide by,
Lost within the jumble
Of my brain, no true thought.
My being teaching me
Sometimes it’s preferable
To simply walk.
No mission no destination.

Living in the world
Instead of fighting to remain
Separate. As if we
Have the power to disconnect,
To live as if we are not
A part of life.
Relax and let yourself go,
Whether you are engaged
Or not, you are connected.

Stopping to smell the roses,
A wonderful thing to do.
Stop! Feel the cosmos.
Come then, dance and sing.
Do not worry
If you do not know
The steps, cannot
Carry the tune.

Join in the celebration,
Share your talents
Without thought
Of any reward
Or remuneration.

How have we convinced ourselves
That we must live
In the darkness, the shade
Cast by the few
Who live in the sunshine?
How can such a meager number
Spread a net of jet
Occulting the light we need

We could all step away,
Find a new way to live,
Without the false constraints:
Governments, religions,
Ideologies, cults, fanatics.

All those who feed
On the crumbs from above,
Who are convinced
Theirs is the only way,
To define the light, the truth.
Each believing something
Different, knowing
they, alone, have the answer.

Oh, we begin to know how
The bits and pieces fit
Together and that’s not nothing.
Even if it is like
A vast machine
We can take apart,
Having no idea
What it is, does,
Is for, nor how it works.

We’re like ants
Learning to disassemble
And reassemble
An automobile. You laugh.
Still, like them,
Our target of thought
Is so vast, we cannot
Conceive its purpose.

Until, ant factions arise.
Some are sure it is
Meant to move,
so must be the transportation
Of gods. While some believe
It is God, the capital G kind
And any who do not
Believe are enemies,

Heretics who must
be destroyed.
They, and all groups,
Driven by fear
Betray our human race,
Our being, to pursue what?
A mystery inexplicable,
Yet, existentially essential.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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