As All

As All

                                                  Buddha ~ Philip Brent Harris


Captured the cosmos
twinkling in a tyke’s eye, today.
From somewhere foreign,
immersing us in infinity.
Religious, political refugees
swallowing us in silence,
different, skin, class, orientation defined.
Strange, strained,
altogether alien,
fascinating but frightening.
So similar, still,
Dissimilar, diverse,
exceptionally enigmatic,
leaving us lost,
besieged, bothered
tourists in transit.

Realize we have reached
a distinct dimension
where we witness,
expected emotions,
rendered remote.
Become bewildered,
misinterpreted manners
create confusion.
While we wonder, wander,
stumble over strictures.
Levity leads to laughter,
prose to poetry.
Words wield wonder,
convey comfort,
laud love,
sing sorrow,
legislate laws,
Please and pressure people.
Wage war.

Brag and bluster,
understanding unknown.
We pretend to perceive wisely,
proclaiming our power,
classifying other cultures
by our bias and bigotry;
convincing ourselves completely,
we’re right, they’re wrong.

As if any
wandering world would
accept our astral,
temporal template.
Live life
during our day;
honor our night’s hours
regardless of rotation.
Despite orbital distance disparity,
contiguous concepts,
unique yet united.

Living our lives
where our wants,
hopes, dreams, love and hate
are actual.
Rated as real,
all else other, altogether.
Will we
can we ever connect,
comprehend categorically?
No us, no other, never.
Harm to one harms
another and all.
Help to one helps
each and every.

Snatch the scales
from our eyes forever.
Watch our world.
Sum seen by heart and soul
until we perceive utterly.
Constant cosmic continuum
telling one truth,
one reality only.

When we no longer willingly
clutch our crutches,
follow books of faith,
tycoons, tyrants,
popes, potentates,
bishops, bastards,
liars, libertines,
saints, sinners,
mad zealots or maniacs.
Never need
listen to lunatics,
power players.
Drunken uncles dancing,
quaffing vast quantities,
potions of power.
Bigots and xenophobes barking,
yelling to convince you
they know more, are more, too,
than you think.

All aid,
helping hands
taken, thanked.
Family, mothers, fathers,
siblings, sages,
conveying compassion,
garnering gains.
Greedy children growing
up until under.
Ground of being gained.

Societies and people share
patterns, possibilities.
Youth wasted on the young.
Learning, yet knowing little,
development dependent on
who influences and what,
assists our becoming adult.
Despite age discrepancies,
endeavoring equally,
struggling to secure
hearth, love, home,
food and friends.
Searching for sanctuary,
wanting wisdom.
Opportunity to decide for ourselves
And, in doing so, admitting
choices we choose
affect all,
are for all.
As all.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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