Searching for You

                                            Morocco ~ Philip Brent Harris


Natural light obscured by swollen clouds,
rain-slicked streets offer me no reflection.
Trudging on, collar high to ward off damp,
as I turn a corner, searching for this, you.

Frigid gale, shredding the vaporous veil,
ebbs, whispering encouraging, revealing,
our spinning globe of stars and galaxies,
this modest corner of infinite space, time

So dazzling, luminous, illuminating, lucent,
exposed, my hazardous passage looms large
in a constructed wilderness, freshly washed.
Rooted  I stand, as I yearn and burn for you.

City skyline rises, ever-distant, ever-higher.
My fevered eyes scanning upward, seeking,
your windows alone can look into my soul.
Now found; a window near yours goes dark.

Wrapping my courage around me, fragile
armor to shield my frail skin and heart as
I skirt the bitter brink, my craven doubts,
find impetus to resume my pitiful pursuit

My tentative steps becoming bold strides.
Early morning yawns, almost awake now,
earth, night, day, self all flowing together
into this, my infinite struggle against fear.

Perpetually conquered in my every dream,
cunning, victorious in my every nightmare,
The sun, in transit, becomes my champion.
I seek my life in you, creator and destroyer.

Life and nourishment embodied, embraces
death, my constant consort, awaits patiently,
eager to review those roads I have not taken.
In your arms, I bite my thumb at the reaper.

I concede his power as fell lord of all the ages.
Protected by your love, he can never touch me.
Should I die this very moment, you’d hold me,
as upon the highest mountain, you’d reveal all.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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