We Choose Only How

                                 River of Time and Space ~ Philip Brent Harris


We all want it. We all want it all. We do. Do we?
Or is that just a story we’ve been repeatedly told?
Love, home, family, food, friends no longer hold
Enough; fail to comprehend what enough may be

New flashy car, a fancy man, a trophy wife to start
All the latest apps we know we cannot live without
Subjugated, ill used, neglected lest smart we shout
Life as just competitive consumption ere we depart

Bumper sticker wisdom: owning the most toys wins
Humanity only nine-years-old, crying when we lose
Tantrums thrown, justified, how life does us abuse
Counting never the cost of our unacknowledged sins

Some of the dreaded Christian seven, flaunting law
Rapacious greed is cited merely as what we are due
That your neighbor should not, does not apply to you
Caught in perfidy, bluster, toe the rug, hem and haw

We do not, cannot choose the times in which we live
They will change and we will change, each the other
Part and parcel of the whole, no matter our druthers
We choose only how we’ll act in the times life gives

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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