Who We Are, Who We Become

                           Nascent Light ~ Philip Brent Harris


Do we forget to wonder, to ask the right questions?
Do we gird up our loins, strengthen our bastions?
Try to talk with far-distant, like-minded strangers?
Ignore all others, to pretend there are no dangers?

We converse with others, all in our own language,
Accepting a translation offered, a mystery message
Compromising, perchance, our own sacred values,
Make up stories for ourselves and call them news.

Never comprehending or giving our best answers.
Not understanding our beliefs are other’s cancers.
Displaying ignorance, forgetting we are all people,
Worshiping in mosque, temple, or under steeple.

Who might put the cheese in the maze, our head?
Some leader, who’d use us alive or wants us dead?
Someone who’d keep us confused and distracted,
So we fear everything,say it must be retracted?

Histories, promises, lies, myths describe existence.
As we sow shall we reap, a two-edged recompense.
Holy book, tirade, constitution, all is written word;
Is who we are, become, raise your voice, be heard.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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