Magic Men ~ Philip Brent Harris


What leads us to creativity,
our need to express
the heart, the center
of who we are?

How much misery is caused
by our inability,
not to be ourselves,
but to share our being?

Do many of us wonder
why we are here,
at this moment,
our time alive, aware?

When do we finally decide,
if ever, our need
to change ourselves,
and therefore reality?

Who can tell us the answers,
or the questions, which
we need to ask
in order to find our way?

Where do we go when
we are no longer
aware on this plane
in this existence?

Why does it matter anyway
If we can find a way
to change or only
find a way to fail?

Do you think it matters,
any of this , if only
to you and me
how well we live now?

Could it seem enough
that we all may live
our best possible lives,
never forgotten, hungry or cold?

Should those of us
who think this is the way
it ought to be,
find a way to change?

Can anyone give us
an answer which is true,
or are all answers
ultimately correct at any given time?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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