Does It Matter?

         Mountebank Brand Tea ~ Philip Brent Harris


Our world, full of liars; some are good and some bad. Decide, does it really matter?
Storytellers, since ancient times, have spun multiple stories, which never ever were.
Perhaps they happened not in the way the tales were told, adding drama, for effect,
So as to seek the deepest truth of who we are, how we feel, and what we may know.

Now, lies masquerading as truth get shouted on television, radio, across the internet.
Tales are told, as we have heard, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, but wait.
Beware, when deceit is presented as reality, as truth, a solemn oath, fingers crossed.
Because then you are fed falsehood in the service of manipulation, and to what end?

Bards, minstrels, strolling players, all hope to reach us, inside heart mind and soul,
Manipulate us to perceive something, truth, we might have never recognized before.
While the first provides us with feelings, which are, mostly hate, outrage prejudice,
The other one seeks to elicit true feelings from us, joy, sorrow, anger, pain and love.

Who would rather listen to? People who imagine fabled tales to help you find truth,
Or those who tell you everything that they say is true, but cannot provide substance.
While both labor in the court of mammon, they don’t toil upon the same tasks, ever.
It’s not just a question merely of method only, but also of the intent and motivation.

Storytellers, for want of any better name, create fiction, hoping to achieve meaning;
A narrative so engrossing, so full, so universal you’ll feel compelled to read, watch.
Only then does our author have a hope of receiving any remuneration, if even then
Creation will continue, for it cannot be stopped without harming its creator, I know

The strident liars, here we may only called them for how we see them, are paid first;
Cosseted, cared for, pampered pugs, bullies who daily howl and growl the party line.
Rabble rousers, they tell you what you should think, feel, believe, no question asked,
Provide ready-made answers full of rancor, fear, bigotry, aiming your guns for you.

Life, so stressful in this day and age we live, we somehow believe more than others.
Earlier, crowds sought entertainment, surcease from daily toil, woes, a need to think.
Perhaps finding a story relevant or hopeful or full of the essence of being day to day.
Base liars spin stories, so that we need not think, just believe, like religion, have faith.

I, for one, will choose the truth, beauty, sorrow, pain, joy that I find for myself alone.
Even if it comes in fiction, plays, movies, poetry or blogs or the latest graphic novels.
These sources, may help to light my way upon my dark and treacherous path I travel.
Any who choose truth dispensed, false outrage, take care they don’t lie about the way,

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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