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Divide and Conquer ~ Philip Brent

Divide and Conquer ~ Philip Brent

If I knew
I was dying
What would I say
About me
To you
Who knew me
Best, better
Than I know
I have secrets
We all
Have secrets

What will I say
About my life
Plans, hopes, dreams
Some realized
In unexpected ways
Should I tell
What really happened
All of it
Do even I
All of it

Should I tell
Made-up tales
Stories I create
Ribbons, threads
Of what happened
Actual events
Or perceived reality
Woven with strands
Drawn from me
Changing color
Where they overlap
The image
I display
Think I must be

New highlights
Shined up
My best
And brightest
Darker shadows
Deep caves
To hide myself
Hoard my treasures
Precious truth
Which I may be
Afraid to face
Embarrassed by
Its ugly face

Could I face
My inner demons
See my monsters
As myself
Reality and being
Joined without
Neither the garish
Painted harlot
Nor gilded lily
Simply what is
Honest and plain
Unvarnished truth
The highest plane
Of beauty
Who I am
As life intended
Me to be
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