Whether Near or Far

Life Seeks Center

Life Seeks Center

We all know that our families can be difficult, complex
Especially those with which we’re related, share blood
Where buttons pushed often yield to answers by reflex
Usually without any thought about what might be good

Even our families of choice aren’t always an easy task
Some people grow, change faster, others get left behind
Sometimes we disguise these changes; we wear a mask
Though difficult, moving on is more healthy and kind

Climbing higher, you cannot hear the person yet below
Know they shout the same questions, in tedious pattern
You would not choose anyone, a friend you would let go
You cannot see them; in their darkness without a lantern

What happens then when you move on, find new friends
Or maybe you are the friend or family being left behind
As always, if your life does not make sense, you pretend
Hope the saying is true, that out of sight is out of mind

Perhaps you decide to add new steps to your life’s dance
By traveling in faraway places and exploring exotic lands
Try to learn something new, unafraid, you take this chance
Till a goal always thought out of reach rests in your hands

What may seem to be crisis, disaster of mythic proportion
May only be the start of an untried way, though darkly seen
Persevere; you might find the means, win the race you run
Till you are on the side where the grass looks always green

Still, discovery cannot ever be the same as accomplishment
Yet, must be a crucial stepping-stone to your unknown way
In truth, you must climb further mountains is what is meant
Look, you’ll see your path winding onwards as clear as day

You may get lost in darkness and believe you cannot go on
Decide the view right where you stand more than sufficient
Success of your try will let you face any prizes still not won
You may forge on, best any challenge, complete your ascent

Sometimes even life mates somehow may end up far apart
Not always a question of love or of feelings lost, replaced
It’s more an instance of parallel paths that diverge, depart
Families, in all shapes, sizes, do the same challenges face

Please, keep your heart and eyes wide open; be not afraid
Seek love, friendship, connection everywhere you ever are
What’s found changes because, despite what’s done or said
Simply the way this life seems to work, whether near or far


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