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~~~~~ It is not that no one speaks the truth, Simply, that power refuses to listen. We are not in any way hail or soothe, We need to change, quit our bitchin’  ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what […]

As Every Parent

~~~~~ What have I to offer you that no one has ever thought of? The truth we know, says nothing, and it hardly even matters. Each new day bring fresh vision, as all babies’ first cries echo every sunrise we have known, yet they speak a language death understands. Hope tells us to hold on, […]

So Sings My Soul

~~~~~ Loss and sorrow, though rightfully ours, Are not ours alone, but a mantle Misappropriated, as if grief, our grief, Is more deep and fraught Than other life, active and static Acknowledged or never recognized. While the murky water we swim within May be mere inches deep. Our quest for meaning Pours forth in minor […]

It Is Time

~~~~~ It is a time of great hope. It is a time of great fear. It is a time of lies It is a time of truth. How do we gentle harsh lies, hatespeak? For we must not think to conquer it. When evil seeks to frighten and divide, agitating those who feel marginal, forgotten, […]

Three X Six X How

~~~~~ Surrounded by silence Within the cacophony we create, How can we hear the bee is absent? Overwhelmed by visual images, Created to distract us, drive us mad, How can we see there are no birds on the wing? Paved in hot tar, smothered by concrete, Lost in dark, city mazes, our own creation, How […]


~~~~~ Remember what brought us here. Recall what carried us, harried us, Sent us to strange, distant territory, New frontiers, complex challenges. What do you think this may mean? Do you think it means something? Can you remember who you were, Before being the you, you are now? Plants and prey played their parts. The […]

Another Conversation

~~~~~ So what, if someone knows your name, If they have no idea who you might be? You might be king or queen of the world, And they could walk by you on the street. When you were laid-out, dead and gone, They would not ever, even remember you, Except. Perhaps, to say, “Oh, yeah, […]