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Express Me

Express Me ~~~~~ Art must be thrown ahead of what is happening now, like a quarterback’s pass must be thrown to where a receiver will be, not where they were when the pass was thrown. Similarly, I must decide what art is for me, besides pretty pictures. What appeals to me, mostly isn’t typical, but […]

Near Maverick’s Beach

Near Maverick’s Beach ~~~~~ Sitting near the breakwater, listening to someone’s music, the gentle murmurs of waves. They build into my attention, crashing slowly on the strand, sea-walls ebb in slow-motion. A seal barks, its own reason, Foghorn moans alarm, each ten seconds; a private plane turns, angling to set-down at the airport on down […]

Only Happenstance

Only Happenstance ~~~~~ Can you or I hear the beating heart at the center of all existence? Here, there and everywhere, end to start. Measuring the length of time, Echoing the sound of our persistence. No longer can I call to find the time. You laugh; I must be old enough to bury. Despite our […]

The Memory of Fire

The Memory of Fire ~~~~~ What does the fire remember, about when it helped, when it harmed? No distinction, started from flame or ember, only we ignore its danger, when we know we should be alarmed. Is the fire wiser than we will ever be? Knowing the world needs fire’s destruction to engender new life. […]

Miracle of Grass

Miracle of Grass ~~~~~ Genius is found, pervades all creation, In galaxy, star, planet, land and nation. I will provide you a simple explanation, Awareness and miracles in combination. Miracle of grass, each life in its season. Erase our tawdry philosophic treason, Despite what any programmer keys in. Confusion, idea with reality, the reason. ~~~~~ […]

Yearning and Reaping

Yearning and Reaping ~~~~~ Life, our mystery, our sorrow and our joy, today only. We can neither live in the past, nor predict the future, no matter how much we yearn. Whether we are single or joined, guardians of children or only ourselves and each other, we all travel together. Our ship will not sail, […]

Lifts Me Up

Lifts Me Up ~~~~~ Deep within the cathedral of your eyes The eternal light of your love glows forth. It blazes like the crisp morning sunlight Seen through stained glass, surrounding Me in color, beauty, warmth and wonder, A thermal, that lifts me up to soar high. I sail on unseen wings, over vistas pure, […]