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Contagion ~~~~~ Waiting to get my flu shot, sitting in a crowded room, from babies to old geezers, hoping I’ll get called soon. I hope it does its job, if not sickness may for me loom and, I’ll be an old sneezer, daily, from noon to noon. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity […]

Most Likely

Most Likely ~~~~~ Can you see the crazy man standing over there? You might think him normal. I assure you he is not. Stress has robbed his strength, his ability to recover. I’ve heard it said, no rest for the wicked, or no rest for the weary, This is no rest for the busy. Whether […]

As I Fall Behind

As I Fall Behind ~~~~~ In the light of the sunset, I saw the eyes of truth. Though they saw the debt I had accrued in youth, They left me smiling, just the same. In the glory of the dawn, I heard the voice of all creation, saw the raptor and the fawn. I lived […]


Change ~~~~~ What will the future think of us? Assuming we somehow survive. Will they say, can you imagine, they believed anything like that? If love as contagious as violence, would we stand carriers at a wall, to then shout, Ready, Aim, Fire? Does violence burn love to ash? Some say that love conquers all, […]

Or Not

Or Not ~~~~~ X marks the spot, cross your heart, hope to die. Swear it’s here where your ex was, or was not. Your ex, until he or she got burned, was cross. Cross the street and join me, make no excuse. Tightly woven patterns, some might be of use. Can we be sure, as these […]

To Laugh and Cry

To Laugh and Cry ~~~~~ I would be the blazing lantern to guide us, when darkness comes. Not the stubby candle that melts away to nothing, to be soon gone. Nothing left, no thought, no song. I would be the compass to lead us, If I knew where we were in bright sunlight, saw the […]

Simply This

Simply This ~~~~~ Could I withstand a thousand blows, while they brought me to my knees? No matter if they’re real, metaphoric; it’s all the same, to me, if you please. It’s not my body which must survive but my spark of spirit carried within. We see people who suffer every sin, far greater than […]