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The Secret ~ Philip Brent Harris

The Secret ~ Philip Brent Harris


The flashes of memory from childhood.
My friend, Michael. We played superheroes
in homemade masks and capes. An elementary
school named for an Indian, Pontiac. A move
between 3rd and 4th grade left me lacking in the
mysteries long division. Confusion, exiting my
first-day school bus. I walked four miles school
to home. Then, I lived mostly in the moment.
Perhaps why memories come in flashes of times.
Nows strung together on the way to who knew where.
There is more. But does it really make matter now?
A girl I liked, the first I fell in love with sadly,
because of her tough boyfriend, mafia in training.
A roommate with a shotgun, unloaded, kept him
outside the door when he came after me. Gone now.
All the music in that first apartment away from home.
electric guitars, Stratocasters, Telecasters and a
hollow-body baby Gretch in bright red, played through
Sun 1200 amps and two Vox columns. Broken lease.
Most fondly, Paul Duffy on his Martin twelve-string,
playing softly sweetly, full of melancholy, and hope.
All of us moving on into an unknown future


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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The Secret ~ Philip Brent HarrisThe Secret ~ Philip Brent Harris

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