The Enemy is Us

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

In the Deep Blue Sea ~ Philip Brent Harris

In the Deep Blue Sea ~ Philip Brent Harris


“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly, Pogo

I understand that love is
more important than power.
Kindness greater than any
person or weapon you conceive.
Because love and kindness
can create a connection, join
others, become a foundation
which all may stand upon.
Power and weapons create
the illusion of control.
Their output is destruction.
Within these lie many ways.
The former, help, hope, joy,
conversation, communion,
compassion, empathy,
sympathy, truth and peace
The latter built upon lies.
Composed of hate, fear,
envy, bigotry, misogyny,
violence and death.
Yet, death always walks
with life beside it.
Life adds to the whole
and death subtracts.
Always, seeking balance.
Too much of either
is not good and today
we have subtracted so much
we’ve weakened the support
which we depend upon.
Not only for humans,
but also for each life and
element with which
we share our planet.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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