People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Step Lively ~ Philip Brent Harris


Attempted poetic form: Awdl Gywydd – a Welsh quatrain form

(This rhyme scheme below – have seen others)

What could you convey to me
as the key to explain life?
I won’t understand a thing
Since you tend to bring me strife.

But perhaps if you act nice
Your advice may reach my ears.
Though if you are mean, who knows.
It might bend my nose, cause tears.

Ouch, with my nose out of joint
Missing your point is what I fear.
Maybe to stand clear in hope.
Discover the scope, come near.

Will you find a place to stay?.
Who will pay your way till then?
I will tell you when, kind sir.
I’ll not lean upon my pen.

(Four lines — Seven syllables per line

The final syllable of the first and third lines rhyme
with the 3rd-5th syllable of following lines

The second and fourth lines rhyme. xxxxxxa, xxaxxxb, xxxxxxc, xxxxcxb.)


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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