People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth!

Dimension 3 ~ Philip Brent Harris


Have you ever
Are you aware,
You believe,
Take on faith,
Is something
You cannot prove?
Or a starting place
For scientists,
So they know
Which way
To move..

Neither description
Is infinitely
Bad or good.
Unless humans
Insert themselves,
Decree interpretation,
Telling you
That a hammer,
A useful tool,
Is a weapon.
Hit you hard,
In the head.
You may end up

A scientist
Will measure,
Weigh, surmise,
Propose a theory,
(Read believe),
The perfect angle,
Proper force
To drive a nail,
Bash a head.
Concerned with
Confirmation only.
Or refutation
Theory denied
Or confirmed,
Whether to
Move on,
Start again.

No conscience
Or compunction
In either
Science or faith,
Weigh consequences
Much too late.

Your religious
Brands me
Infidel, pagan.
Most importantly,
Not like you..
You must either
Convert or remove
Scientist the same.
Bigger, better
To pursue
Pet theories
Or to serve
The cause.

No conscience
Or compunction
In either
Science or faith.
Weigh consequences
Much too late.,

Willing or coerced
Need or propaganda,
By threat,
Xenophobic blinders.

Too late
To undo most
We have done,
Not too late
To change,
Undo the damage
We have
Yet to do.
Wars, crusades,
Jihads, pogroms,
Carpet bombings,
We all know
Are now already

No conscience
Or compunction
In either
Science or faith.
Weigh consequences
Much too late.

Fools believe
(Read take on faith)
We can contain
These demons.
Use them
On others,
Our own
Without harming
Ourselves, while
An unstable madman
Claims to have
An H bomb.
Our side
Denies this,
A matter of course
We do not number.
Among the few,
Those privy to
Current truth
Of this faction,
That cadre,
Lost inside
The panic,
Of small and
Frightened men.

Can those of us
Who have matured,
No matter
Our belief
Or current ideology,
Social status,
Or lack thereof,
Stand up,
Come forward,
Talk about
Species and
More importantly,
Planetary survival.
Now, surely
We must have
Enough adults,
Grown-up humans,
To declare
Our destructive
Children’s games
Moot and done.

Yet, within
Cosmic history,
Other systems,
Beings, religions,
Rulers, who
Conquered, consumed,
Were consumed,
Rose or fell,
Stepped aside,
Stepped up, down,
Gave way to
To maturity,
Across vast
Universal time.
Where we
Cannot, do not
Matter, nor
Will we be

I wonder
Why am I
Why we
Or anyone
Would choose
Damage, desecration,
Corruption of
Hearth, home,
Health, hope,
Befouling the
Habitat, where
All must live.
Which makes
No sense
As a species,
We are insane.


Unite the World!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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