In Time

Crazy, Man ~ Philip Brent Harris


Watching any two people, like you, uncertain and alone,
As they meet upon your street, to stroll along and converse.
In time, they court, the formal dance, they smile and sigh,
Till laughing, flushed, happy and out of breath, they sit.

Talking heart-to-heart leads to dialogue, to harmony, to love,
Opening, joining, sharing fear, unvoiced dreams and hopes.
In time two pieces will meld, a greater whole, in intimate step.
Yet sometimes one will step away, take swirling upward flight.

They hover, unsure, missing you, fly home, come see, come see.
I’m not ready pleads their other self, bereft, so lost, so longingly.
In time, will you, can you, please, wait just little while for me?
Show me, teach me your beauteous vision, your truth, set me free.

As the days fall away, slowly, swiftly become months, then years,
This discourse, their communion, grows slowly softer, sweeter.
In time, whispered so close, so intimately that only they will hear,
Until the day one flies away forever, to dance among the stars.

Capering, to laugh  joyfully, swirl stars together, to light your way.
Alone you stand in silent wonder, lonely, a tear upon your cheek.
In time, you utter your silent plea, your promise only love will hear,
Wait, oh wait, I’ll join you soon, my love, please don’t leave me here.

Such quiet expressions fill the world with tender feeling, music, song.
You tell me you’ve never heard this special melody, felt this way before.
In time you’ll know this passion, gentle violence renders two souls one;
This ever-present music, love, fills all time, space, forever ends, begins.

VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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