Farewell – A First World Lament

Farewell – A First World Lament

Philias the Lesser

Missing Us ~Philip Brent Harris


Farewell to our freedom;
It is no longer for sale.
It was sold for a pittance,
Don’t bother to weep and wail.
Like all living creatures,
Our estates rise, and they fall.
We say it’s not our fault, at all.

Farewell to our homes,
And the ease of our lives.
All the land and the plenty,
And our hope no longer survives.
We poisoned it from the start,
Though, for us who came late,
We still did our part.

We can no longer return
By choice or being clever.
Oh, how quickly our world burned;
The result of our tragic endeavor.
Soon, life will be primitive;
We will struggle to exist.
We won’t know how to live.

Who to blame of the few left,
When we fight for shelter and food.
It will be too late to rue the theft.
The rich will last longer,
Until their walls are torn down.
Will their guns and bullets save them
When everyone is living in shantytowns?

Farewell to our living
The lives we could choose.
We were too weak for giving;
All will know what we lose.
Many who come later never knew
That our hands came up empty;
When we failed to give our love to you.

VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Otium est animo
, Nonviolence est virtus, Diversitas enim unitati, Empowerment est dell’empatia


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