Should Tell Us

Wrapper Discarded ~ Philip Brent Harris


When did we decide imaginary lines
Are more important than reality?
Not only arbitrary boundaries of nations
But also the labels of gender, color, home,
Religion, class, and any other distinction.
What if we thought of everyone,
Each of us as people and nothing more?
I understand there will be differences.
Some will be stronger and some weaker,
Some less intelligent and some more intelligent.
Still, all people in spite of their diversity.
Should we go one step farther?

Since people is a subclass of mammals,
Just think. You don’t think we are descended
From apes. The way we act, apes might
Not want us descended from them.
Levity aside, what if I concede you are right
It doesn’t mean we’re not related to apes,
Lions, rats, pigs, poodles, whales and skunks.
Of course we can see their differences.
It’s no more or no less the same with people
At root and core we are all one species.
And the fact we are part other groups
Should tell us all life needs to work in harmony.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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