All Our Lives

Conflict of Interest ~ Philip Brent Harris


There are people who know all our lives are a show
And they’re determined to make us not matter.
If they get what they want, stay the people in charge;
Their rule will make our lives a living hell.
And they’re determined to make us not matter.

In our minds and our hearts, we already know
That our story’s alive, not a show.
Yet, now with enough time to think,
We see we are standing on the brink.

So, it should make us ponder,
What our lives would be if not squandered.

The road we traveled on is hard,
But could be changed now, with a word.
Would you return to how it has been;
Change and find a new way to begin?

So, it should make us ponder,
What our lives would if not squandered.

Now the people protest in the streets,
Declaring hatred obsolete,
Still their anger fuels their flame,
Decrying what our land became.

Built on their backs and with their hands;
Stolen by force from their own lands.
Beaten and murdered, then and now.
No longer will they scrape and bow.

We’re not them, but not to speak is merde
And we will not stop until everyone is heard.
Our whole concept of living most be reformed,
Protecting many more people from being harmed.

Could it be we have found that time?
We must not rhyme and so change the world.
We must learn humanity is one.
That all the life on Earth matters, too.
Every human deserves respect and equality,
Which cannot happen until belligerence is cured,
Until ignorance and weapons are sacrificed to love.
We must now put away our toys and grow up.
Until we do, we will walk this dark and dangerous road.

And they’re determined to make us not matter.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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