Life in the Time of Pandemic ~ 2020

Life in the Time of Pandemic ~ 2020

                                                                                       Life Seeks Center ~ Philip Brent Harris


Life is trying to stretch us thin, our circumstances extenuated; we must not pretend.
Lies, treasons, tries, reasons, bring denials, excuses, accusations, misdirections, blame.
Death and life, fraught emotions, fear, sorrow, danger from friends, family, strangers.
Lack of support, no recourse, leads to requested sequester, masks required for all tasks.

Alone, lonely, potential, medical, actual, perpetual isolation, trouble borrowed double
Tears flow, torrents, storms, rain splashing, striking, splattering, battering, flooding.
Ripples spreading, intersecting, unsuspecting, few signs of slowing, fear, hate growing.
Dangers dared, sentiments shared, no respite, discrimination, recrimination, insinuation.

Conflicting information, false claims, spurious solutions, crazy, callous, crank cures.
Past time to end lies, to be wise, in this existential exercise, beyond mere enterprise.
Government’s response lame, our shame despite claims, the same game, sought acclaim.
Need, heed true words honestly spoken, beyond token, station, before terminal destination.

Call for union, reunion, anticipation of participation, friends and family, joy and pain.
Gathering, journeys alone and together, across vast oceans, black and light, day and night.
Spiraling galaxies bloom like fireworks, rockets, garner oohs and ahs, fading fiery tails.
Tales of us, our cosmos, until our run is ended at last, whether compost, recycled atoms.
Rebounds confound reason, explosive joy, living alloy, as life begins, continues, again.



Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. savagesavante · · Reply

    life is going to dramatically change when this ends either for good or bad but I hope we are able to form meaningful connections and not feel so alone anymore.


  2. Thank you. I appreciate your comments and perspective.


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