A Plus ~ 2018 — Now We Wait ~ 2020

A Plus ~ 2018 — Now We Wait ~ 2020

                                                                                   Imaginary Reality ~ Philip Brent Harris


A Plus ~ 2018

Life, I know, is what we make it,
Though mostly we let it make us.
So busy we can never stop to sit.
Think each bit we acquire a plus.

Now We Wait ~ 2020

Now we wait, shelter; we must,
Told neither to work nor to play.
Led? A lying fool we can’t trust,
As the economy fails, we all pay.

No, he did not start the pandemic,
But he ignored it for far too long.
The virus, his ignorance endemic,
Failing, where he doesn’t belong.

Stuck home, with or without him;
Fewer people would’ve to had die.
ERs, ICUs not crammed, so grim;
His self-praise, a poke in the eye.

So, pretend it’s not money, power
That puts us in the state we are in.
His lies salt the grave and flower,
All his supporters commit the sin.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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